December 7, 2023

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Greta Gerwig refused to use CGI on the actors’ feet

Greta Gerwig refused to use CGI on the actors’ feet

Introduce Greta Gerwig and the arched Barbie from the “Barbie” trailer.
John Kopalov/Getty Images; Warner Bros.

  • Greta Gerwig revealed in a recent interview that she refused to use CGI in the new “Barbie” movie.
  • Gerwig said she was asked if she would use special effects for Barbie’s signature arched feet.
  • “I thought, ‘Oh my God, no!'” Gerwig said of her initial response to the idea. This is Terrifying! ”

Greta Gerwig revealed in a recent interview that she had a strong reaction to the idea of ​​CGI using Barbie’s signature arched feet in her upcoming movie about the doll.

Gerwig said, “There was a lot of discussion at the beginning. Everyone said, ‘Are you going to go CGI with every foot?'” While recently appearing on the Australian show “The Project”, for every Variety’s Zack Scharf.

The director continued, “I thought, ‘Oh my God, no! This is Terrifying! It’s a nightmare,” he said, adding, “Also, Margot has the most beautiful feet.” She has beautiful dancer’s feet. ”

Per Gerwig, she eventually decided to have star Margot Robbie “stick” to a bar off-camera to keep her feet bent in her signature Barbie style.

Fans of the world-famous doll caught a glimpse of her arched feet in the movie’s main trailer, which shows Barbie (Margot Robbie) stepping out of a pair of pink heels in her dream home, and her feet remain arched even after stepping out of her shoes.

Later in the trailer, a point of contention arises when Barbie’s feet become unarched, causing the other Barbies in Barbieland to react with disgust and horror.

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In a previous interview with Architectural Digest, Gerwig opened up about creating the ultra-chic pink world of Barbie.

“I wanted everyone to feel like they could reach out to the screen and touch everything,” Gerwig said, adding that she hopes watching the movie will make people remember when they were standing at Toys R Us, looking at the plastic-wrapped Barbie. Square, the desire to buy toys and “unpack everything and touch everything.”