April 17, 2024

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Harrowing story of woman abused by seven men in India: “The important thing is that we come out alive”

Harrowing story of woman abused by seven men in India: “The important thing is that we come out alive”

Brazilian influencer Fernanda Santos, who reported being gang-raped while on a motorcycle trip with her husband to India, described how the brutal attack happened and how her life continues after the attack. “We thought they were killing us“We were determined,” they both said in a video shared on their social networks.

In front of Spain's Vicente Barbera's husband, seven men attacked the couple, raped the woman and threatened to kill her. The heinous crime took place this Friday night in Dumka district, when they were camping on their way to Nepal.

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Through their social networks, the couple revealed the startling details of the incident and showed the injuries on their faces: “We decided to camp and we saw a good place. At that time two motorcycles came and three people tried to talk to us,” he begins. Concerned about the encounter. , they started to grab their things to leave but just then the group surprised them.

“They attacked us in the shop, beat us up and put a knife to my neck saying they were going to kill us. Seven people raped hersaid Vincent.

The couple gave a dramatic testimony on social networks (photo: video capture).

The assailants hit the man with a helmet and a rock, and Vicente fell to the ground unconscious, and they took Fernanda to a bush where they took turns abusing her. “They threw me on the ground, smashed my face on the floor, and hit me in the face several times so that I wouldn't speak,” the 28-year-old woman recounted.

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“When some people raped me, others watched Vicente so he wouldn't run away because they didn't want to rob us,” Fernanda said.

“They took my clothes off and they took turns there for about three hours.”, I lost count. After some time, someone gave me some clothes and told me to get dressed. But he looked back He raped me again“, the woman told Spanish media file.

“The important thing is that we come out alive” said Fernanda. “I saw death there,” Vicente assured.

The couple traveled through India for six months. (Photo: Instagram/@fernanda.4ever).

Indian officials have announced Eight suspects have been arrested They will soon be tried for the attack. In India, anyone who commits the crime can face the death penalty, and in 2012 the country established one of the most violent and shocking rape cases of its kind in the country, when a young student was molested by six men on a bus. He died shortly after of his injuries in New Delhi.

“We believe they are all incarcerated. If I could give them something other than prison, that would be perfect. They can feel firsthand what we are doing,” Vicente said in an interview with the media. Discussion.

“We don't know how they were detained, only that they were hiding. They have DNA everywhere. Many are farmers, they were working in the fields and we have recorded them because we went and talked to them earlier. They are not a gang of criminals, who faced a situation and did not attach much importance to it. They are simple people, uncultured,” the victims added.

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The couple traveled over 170,000 kilometers by motorcycle. (Photo: Instagram/@vueltaalmundoenmoto).

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Likewise, Jodi, who He traveled over 170,000 kilometers, traveling to around 66 countries In recent years, he explained, “they've had a hard time” because they were rapists “They destroyed their lives and their lives.””.

It will mark us forever, but we will try to forget it and move on. It's very sad to remember that forever,” Fernanda said. “Life is short, it's beautiful and We got a second chanceNot many people have this,” he added.

“Justice for all women who go through this, it's not just me, we're all the same,” she wrote in an Instagram post celebrating the arrest of her attackers.