May 21, 2024

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Two planes collided during an air show in Dallas

Two planes collided during an air show in Dallas
Two planes collide in the middle of an air show in Dallas (Twitter: @JacdecNew)

Two planes Crashed this Saturday during the program at Dallas, Texas. The accident took place at around 1.20 pm in the said area Dallas Executive Airport, More than 40 police and firemen rushed to the spot.

As reported Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and A Bell P-63 KingobraDuring this he participated in the demonstration Wings over the Dallas AirshowIt usually takes place in the area.

Two planes collide in the middle of an air show in Dallas (Twitter: @nexta_tv)

Until now It is not known how many people were on board of both aircraft, as well as the number of injured or killed. According to the FAA report, the National Transportation Safety Board NTSP will continue the investigation.

Videos, which have already spread on social networks within minutes, show how one of the planes crosses the path of the other. Soon after, a black cloud formed over the area and debris began to become airborne and fell onto Route 67 in Red Bird, prompting even those driving around the area to be warned of possible debris on the road.

Two planes collide in the middle of an air show in Dallas (Twitter: @DavidSFOX24)

However, local authorities blocked the road on both sides to avoid accidents.

Dallas Governor Eric Johnson wrote a message on his Twitter account in which he said, “A terrible tragedy occurred in our city today during an air show. Many details are unknown or unconfirmed at this time,” and the relevant authorities will continue to investigate.

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He added, “The videos are heartwarming. Please pray for the souls who have risen to heaven today to entertain and educate our families.”

Near the crash where the show took place (Twitter: @nexta_tv)

Wings Over Dallas organizes an air show Memorial Air Force (CAF), an organization tasked with protecting World War II ships stationed at Red Bird Airport.

During this Saturday number, a B-17, a large four-engine bomber flew by. The ship was an important part of the US Air Force during World War II. To date, only a very few have been preserved, and they are mainly – exhibited in museums and shows. For its part, the other ship – Kingobra – was mainly used by Soviet troops.

One of the ships damaged was a B-17, a vital part of the US Armed Forces during World War II.

This Saturday was the second of three days the event was scheduled to run over America’s holiday weekend. Veterans Day. The date, every November 11th, is intended to honor those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

However, this year’s edition looks set to be an eventful one as all activities on the agenda were suspended due to inclement weather, and only demonstrations were held this Saturday, from 9am – the time it started – to noon. When the shock occurred- As for Sunday’s performances, they have been suspended, they said from the organization of the event.

This is not the first time an air show has ended in tragedy, so safety has become one of the main concerns at these shows in recent years. In 2011, a P-51 Mustang crashed into spectators in Reno, Nevada, killing 11 people. Years later, in 2019, a bomber crashed in Hartford, Connecticut, killing seven people.

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As reported by NTSP at the time, 21 accidents This type – along with World War II bombers – has been on and off since 1982 23 people died.

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