June 19, 2024

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Hate in America is the new massacre of LGBT | The suspect entered the nightclub with a long gun

Hate in America is the new massacre of LGBT |  The suspect entered the nightclub with a long gun

A 22 years old He was arrested He allegedly opened fire It happened last night A LGBT+ bar From an American city Colorado Springs, That At least 5 people were killed and left 18 others were injured. Some inmates are in critical condition, so the death toll could rise, local officials said.

The attack took place in Club K, An LGBT+ nightclub dedicated to concerts and drag shows is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

According to the testimonies, young Entered the club and immediately started filming against the people there. Some of them managed Deterring and reducing the aggressor, and inform the police.

Authorities received several calls to 911 beginning at 11:56 p.m., and several minutes later, several patrol cars arrived on the scene. The culprit was arrested and identified Anderson Lee Aldrich.

While the suspect was inside the club, at least two heroic individuals confronted him, fought him and managed to stop him from continuing the murder.” Colorado Springs police chief told reporters. Adrian Vasquez.

“I can assure you that the District Attorney’s Office will be a strong team and will work tirelessly to achieve justice,” said Colorado’s 4th Judicial District Attorney. Michael Allen. Also added: “Actions taken to cause fear in specific communities will not be tolerated in our society.”

Where they met At least two guns. Aldrich used A long gun Police are investigating whether other people helped the suspect during the shooting. Colorado Springs Fire Capt. Mike Smaldino, Eleven ambulances responded to the scene, he said.

The victims were taken in private cars Various hospitals in the city. “At least five patients are undergoing treatment UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central, said its vice president of communications. Dan Weaver.

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A survivor’s testimony

Bowling alley worker Joshua Thurman, The 34-year-old said that the first scenes were danced thinking they were part of the music. It was only when I saw the glow of the fire that I knew it was gunfire.

“When we came out of the dressing room, we saw bodies. Broken glass, blood. I lost friends!” Thurman recalled. The place indicated by the witness is usually A “Safe Place” To your participants. “It’s a place we like, a quiet place,” he said.

“Attack of Ignorance”

via Facebook, Club Q declared itself “devastated by this senseless attack on our community”. And said thanks “The quick reactions of the brave people subdued the attackers and brought an end to this despicable attack.”

The shoot was preceded by a punk and alternative concert at 9:00pm and a party from 11:00pm. The next day, the club was scheduled to host a Transgender Day drag show and brunch.

Club Q announced it would be closed until further notice and called for solidarity To raise funds for the affected families.

“An Ugly Truth”

Governor of Colorado, Jared Police, Appreciate the truth “Disgusting”. In 2018, Polis became the first openly gay person to be elected to government office in the country.

“It’s horrible, disgusting and devastating. My heart breaks for the families and friends of those lost, injured and traumatized by this horrific shooting,” he said on his social media. He added: “All state resources are available to local law enforcement in Colorado Springs. We are forever grateful to the brave people who stopped the attacker. It could have saved lives in the process, and for the first responders who quickly responded to this horrific shooting.”

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In 2016, Umar Madin, 29 years old, entered the crowd LGBT+ Night Club “Pulse” Armed in Orlando An assault rifle and a pistol And the shooting started. Conclusion: 49 people died and 53 were injured. During the attack, the man called 911, according to authorities ISIS terrorist group. Even ISIS sympathizers hailed the truth on Internet forums. “We know enough to say it’s a horrible act and a disgusting act.” had revealed Barack Obama.