June 25, 2024

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He believes moving to Canada was “the worst mistake of his life” and explains why

He believes moving to Canada was “the worst mistake of his life” and explains why

Moving to another country is not easy. This premise has been witnessed in many viral stories on social media. Who are Latinos? Migrating to countries like Canada o America continues to lose the warmth of its Hispanic homes. On this occasion, Mexican Aimee Karime wanted to express this opinion. The reason you regret moving to America. From your point of view, leave your hometown to live in a Canadian territory It was “the worst mistake of his life.”.

TikToker has only one reason (@Aimee Karime) would like to return to Mexico: his family. He always believed that life in Canada was more pleasant, but he ended it Nothing compares to the love you receive from your loved ones: “I’m very close to my parents, my sisters, my aunts, so that part has affected me a lot,” she said in a recent video.

The girl moved to Vancouver five months ago. however, Not enough time to adapt: “Like everything there are good days and bad days. There are even days when I’m like, ‘Oh, it’s all good here’ … but I can’t take it anymore and there are days when I want to go back, especially now that it’s Christmas and my sister and my dad came to visit us. When they left, I didn’t like it very well,” said the migrant.

A Mexican woman immigrated to Canada and considers it the “worst mistake of her life.”

The content creator is in a dilemma: stay in Canada or go home. As he said, he was left with uncertainty whether this feeling would end or not Great Frustration: “I really don’t know what to do. I don’t know if this will ever be taken away from you or if I stay here and feel like this forever.

Not knowing what to decide, To get a clearer picture, Aimee lists the pros and cons. In this way, he weighed each aspect to see everything in perspective.

A Mexican woman described Canada as a beautiful country, but not for long

A Mexican woman listed the advantages of living in Canada

“I don’t think living here is any better than being with my family so far. What would you do in my place?” he asked. Although this point is necessary for herAbsence from the city of their birth revealed to them what was advantageous:


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