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How to process Spanish nationality in Argentina step by step

How to process Spanish nationality in Argentina step by step
The Descendants Act is restorative in nature for the descendants of Spaniards who immigrated for political, ideological or religious reasons. (REUTERS/Susana Vera)

As reported by Infobay yesterday, from this Thursday the Spanish Embassy in Argentina provides New changes to start the process forGrandchildren Act So get it Spanish citizenship.

One commonly known as the “Grandchildren Act” is officially called the Democratic Memory Act and has been in force since October last year; With that, Argentines of Spanish descent can get Spanish citizenship Enjoy all the rights of any person born in Spain.

One. Document proving the identity of the applicant.

2. The applicant’s live birth certificate is issued by the local civil registry where it is registered.

3. Direct birth certificate of the applicant’s father, mother, grandfather or grandmother who was originally Spanish.

Four. If the application is made as a grandchild of a Spanish grandfather or great-grandfather, the direct birth certificate of the applicant’s father or mother – corresponding to the lineage of the Spanish grandfather or great-grandmother – is required.

5. A document evidencing the deportation status of the father, mother, grandfather or grandmother referred to in section 3 (proof of deportation).

a) A document proving the beneficiary of a pension granted by the Spanish administration to deportees directly and automatically proves the deportment.

b) Documents from the United Nations International Refugee Office and the refugee offices of countries that assisted Spanish refugees and their families.

c) Certificates or statements issued by political parties, trade unions or other organizations or institutions, duly recognized by the Spanish authorities or the host state of the country of exile, whose members have been exiled, or who have excelled in the protection and defense of Spanish exiles, or who are currently moral reparations and victims of civil war and dictatorship, personal and Worked on restoring family memory.

In cases falling under the last two points (b and c), it is necessary to submit one of the following documents:

– Passport or travel document with entry stamp in the host country.

– Certificate of registration from the Spanish Embassy.

– Certificates from consular civil registry proving residence in the receiving country, such as marriage registration, children’s birth registration, death registration, etc.

– Certificate from the local civil registry of the country of residence confirming the acquisition of citizenship of the specified country.

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– Document of time of arrival in receiving country or by any means of transport, with year of arrival registered in specified country.

(In collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Spain)
(In collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Spain)

The first thing any Argentine wants to get Spanish citizenship by “Grandchildren Act“The process must be done before the person in charge of the civil registry office or consular office, which is available through official forms. Spanish Embassy in ArgentinaIn Buenos Aires or in the interior of the country (Bahia Blanca, Córdoba, Mendoza and Rosario).

So, the steps to follow are:

1. Contact the concerned consular officer.

2. “See how the individual case fits the various optionsGrandchildren Act”.

3. Fill up different forms, collect all documents and submit them on time.

It is important to clarify that the processes may be different depending on different personal circumstances, and in many cases, it is recommended to contact a lawyer specialized in Spanish naturalization.

New law for grandchildren expands options for more Argentines to acquire Spanish citizenship.  (Photo: Europa Press)
New law for grandchildren expands options for more Argentines to acquire Spanish citizenship. (Photo: Europa Press)

Spain’s Law of Democratic Memory, generally “Grandchildren Act”, aims to reward the descendants of Spaniards who suffered from the Franco dictatorship. Spanish citizenship.

Therefore, through this law, Argentines who are children or grandchildren of Spaniards born outside of Spain due to political, ideological or religious exile can obtain Spanish passports.

In addition, the children of Spanish women married to foreigners before the Constitution of 1978, who for that reason lost the nationality of a European country, may acquire Spanish nationality.

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An important difference of this new regulation with respect to the Historical Memory Act, which was in force between 2007 and 2011, is that the latter only provided for the possibility of access. Spanish citizenship Addressed only to those minors and direct children of Spaniards.

Rather, “Grandchildren Act” No age limit is fixed for applying. This new rule will be applied directly and without the need for the applicant to reside on Spanish soil for a certain period of time.

those who received Spanish citizenship They will enjoy all the rights of a person born in Spain, such as free movement, work and residence. Schengen Space26 European countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Malta, Netherlands, etc.) Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Sweden and Switzerland).

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