May 26, 2024

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He cried on camera and warned the residents of Los Angeles

He cried on camera and warned the residents of Los Angeles

Moving to another city or country involves great sacrifices. Sometimes leaving family, friends and other loved ones is not an easy decision.. Plus, with these complications, it takes a lot of energy to start over to get back to where everything is new. In this context, A young AmericanShe, who now lives in Los Angeles, broke down in tears and in a video, He wanted to warn everyone who was planning to visit the city.

Influencer Mia Baier boasts 100,000+ followers on TikTok (@itsmiabeyer2.0) is a bit of his daily routine, he regularly shares information about the city’s tourist attractions, but on this occasion he did the opposite. He was vulnerable for a moment and decided to cry on camera to show the harsh reality. The woman assures that living in one of the most important cities in America is not what it appears in the movies..

“If you ever think about living in Los Angeles, think again,” she said in a tearful video, her voice cracking. Although it is one of the largest cities, “It’s the loneliest place in the world, and they pay you to hug you”, he mentioned. Apparently, the young woman wanted to emphasize that the territory of the United States is not characterized by being warm with its citizens, who should tirelessly search for signs of compassion.

A young woman shows the harsh reality of living in Los Angeles

However, it seems that the young lady’s moments of worry and sadness are not over. A few days later, he re-uploaded a video to his Tiktok account where he was visibly distressed and tried to speak. In the post, he asked the virtual community what the best songs are when you’re in a low mood. “I’ve run out of songs to listen to when I’m sad”, he explained.

Although the TikToker didn’t reveal more details about what happened to her, she did reveal it He regretted living in Los Angeles. This caused alarm among his followers, who did not hesitate to support him with some comments: “Los Angeles is no fun when you don’t have money”; “I understand you. My job moved me here and it’s not really livable,” some wrote.

A young American woman is vulnerable to her followers

A young American woman is vulnerable to her followers

While Los Angeles is an attractive city for being the mecca of cinema, home to famous artists, it has other not-so-pleasant features. This was revealed in a report published by Nithi website in December last year WalletHub That Lists the most “sinful” cities in the entire United States.

The investigation focused on finding out where misconduct and illegal behavior were concentrated. Therefore, the data analysis combined several factors such as commission of crimes, drug use, teenage pregnancy and Google searches related to pornographic topics. Taking all this as an example, Los Angeles made the top ten on the list, in position number six. He Behind places like Las Vegas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Houston and Atlanta.


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