March 23, 2023

Brighton Journal

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They condemn the Mendoza construction company for millionaire fraud

Company Construction company Mendoza call CopaOwned by architect Fernando and Daniel Battistoni Corruption. His clients paid huge sums but the houses were not provided. More than 10 people were affected and an estimated total of 500 thousand dollars was awarded. MDZ Radio Attorney Leandro Matano spoke to one of the victims who lost $70,000.

“The benefits proposed by this system are wild. You don’t see people working because they are building the land. One signed the contract and the block was delivered in five months. When it was finished, they brought it in with a crane. Before all you needed to have on the land was electricity, sewerage and a water tank. I was on June 30. I signed the contract and paid 60%, and the idea was that they should have the blocks by the end of November. When September comes, I start asking why they did not come to do the work on the land, and one day an architect came and nailed two pieces of wood to entertain the matter. Already the work was completed in October. No forced response,” he began to think.