May 18, 2024

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He got a surprise by surprising two employees with hidden cameras and finding out how they work

He got a surprise by surprising two employees with hidden cameras and finding out how they work

A video went viral on social media The footage was captured by local security cameras Two workers took advantage of their employer’s absence to undertake other forms of activity It is not compatible with their job functions.

The company owner decided to install security cameras See why his employees aren’t efficient at their work shifts and discover the answer to all his unknowns.

Records revealed that employees engaged in such activities during their shifts Watch series, straighten your hair, share memes and lie on the floor with pillows. The images were taken without the workers realizing they were being recorded by a hidden camera.

He wondered if employees were wasting their time with hidden cameras

Both women were lying on the floor under the table. One of them could see the device recording them and pointed it out to his partner. They got up quickly to go about their jobs, but it was too late. Little do they know that their boss has been watching them since they started their work schedule.

The reaction the workers had and the various activities they carried out in the middle of the workday sparked all kinds of reactions on social media. The video created a debate among users, Because there are those who deny that the person installed the camera without the permission of the workers. And, similarly, there are others who defend them with the argument that there are days when customers don’t come.

“You can’t install cameras and not inform the worker.” and “There are dead times in an office, there are times when there is no work. It is obvious that the video has been edited to show those moments”, are some blunt messages. However, on the other side of the networks, There are those in the workplace who do not share the behavior of these two young women: “Ten hours of very creative work, then they want a raise” and “How come they don’t see them playing a key, what work is that” I don’t understand?

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A Twitter user posted the video which is already trending And until that moment Adds over 7,500 retweets and over 50,000 likes on social media.

A few weeks ago, another Clip It went viral because of a peculiarity: a group of workers quit their jobs because of the mistreatment they experienced. In a work environment, work environment is important for them to feel comfortable in their tasks And, as a result, improve business results. If environmentally friendly, Many are likely to complain and many are likely to quit their jobs. This is what happened at a shoe store in Virginia, USA.

Employees walked off their jobs (Photo: File)

In the company, all employees agreed and decided to resign simultaneously. This is not a protest, but a true act of collective resignation. One of those involved posted a video on TikTok where they described how they felt about the decision before leaving their posts. While some say they’re “pretty good,” others seem a little dazed.

The video went viral instantly. So far, it has accumulated more than four million views and thousands of comments, mostly encouraging the workers for their courage and loyalty.

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