April 13, 2024

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He has to go a long way to become a national team candidate

He has to go a long way to become a national team candidate

Football country football self-esteem was very high after the invasion of Europe. Argentina national team. The victory march through London and Pamplona gained historical significance: An Argentine team could not win from Wembley Stadium, one of the biggest temples in world football. Y Lionel Messi, With his five goals against Estonia, he equaled the record that had been in effect for 80 years, and lined up with other players Juan Marvezi and Jose Manuel Moreno who had scored that number of goals while playing for our country’s national team. In that view, tourism is unforgettable.

But to overcome the excitement with successes and good yields, Hitting the brakes should be comfortable, and not more confident than that moment. Qatar still has five and a half months to start the World Cup. And beyond the inevitable speculations, It is dangerous to argue in advance that Argentina is the only candidate who has beaten the current European champion. (Actually, one Italy was eliminated from the World Cup and played without its four starters) and a team like Estonia runs through the fourth level of football on that continent.

It is true that Lionel Scaloni’s team showed signs of improvement in both games. At the level of teams and selected teams it is no small matter that Europe fell to Italy during periods of dominance over South America. In any case, The last window of the pre-World Cup event, scheduled for September 19-27, will provide an approximate guide on how the 32 selected participants will turn out.

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The magnifying glass, set 60 days before the start of the Qatar Cup, will allow you to see more clearly what happens during the highest competition. Experience has shown that teams that have previously competed as candidates (e.g. France and Argentina in the 2002 World Cup) have suffered setbacks when re-evaluating. On the contrary, by choosing who gave nothing, they embraced eternal glory or were very close to it: the best proof of the danger involving Mexico ’86’s Argentina champions and Russia’s unexpected finals, 2018 Croatia. Assuming there is no solid foundation. Or just as a voluntary act.

That is why, It’s good to be excited about creating the best World Cup, which means you can come in the top four. Also, it is a mistake to believe that this is the minimum one should desire. Below that, everything will fail. Lionel Scaloni outlined a competing team that gives the impression that no one can take him. To become a world champion, you need another mystery and another chemistry. It is too early to tell whether it is made without purchase or not.