December 4, 2022

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Boris Johnson will escape the audit resolution and continue to lead the government

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonHe retained his post on Monday, thanks to the support of a majority of conservative representatives Internal movement of audit About his leadership.

However, the chief executive, who was convicted of Downing Street party corruption during the epidemics, suffered a severe setback when he saw how. 148 MPs “Tories” (in total 359) Voted to withdraw their trust.

More than 40% The Conservative Parliamentary Committee voted against its own Prime Minister, a sentence greater than that enjoyed by his predecessor, Theresa MayIn 2018, he resigned under party pressure just months after escaping a no-confidence vote.

Johnson celebrated his “firm” victory, believing it would allow his government to “move something else.” “Of course, I understand that what we need to do now is unite as a government, as a party. That is all we can do nowHe told reporters after escaping from the vote.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Dres
British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

Close associates of the head of government sought to know the consequences and embrace defeat. “It simply came to our notice then. The Prime Minister has won. We will focus on drawing a line and working on it “, Education Minister Nadeem Jahawi told the media.

“It is gratifying that colleagues have approved the PM. I support you one hundred percent“If Johnson falls, he will be considered one of the main contenders for the presidency,” said Foreign Minister Liz Truss.

Among the critics of the conservative leader, vice Roger Gale Despite the success of the Johnson censorship movement, he stated that he would continue to be opposed as the leader of the creation.

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“Looking at the number of honest prime ministers, I think he will consider his future by accepting the fact that he has lost the support of a significant section of his party. But I think he would not do that.He added.

Two hours before the vote, Johnson made a last-ditch effort to encourage the rebels in a private meeting with delegates.ToriesIn it he demonstrates that under his leadership they achieved the greatest electoral victory in decades, two and a half years ago.

Representatives of all sections of the Conservative Party spoke out against the head of government. From Brexit extremists to moderates, And even some MPs who won their seats for the first time due to the 2019 election drive have ignored him.

Party corruption

The “partygate”, which began six months ago, was triggered by the release of an internal statement on May 25 describing the extent to which the corruption of organized parties during his imprisonment violated the Govt’s anti-government laws in Downing Street. To Johnson’s resignation.

Its editor, Sue Gray, a senior civil servant, He accused the “senior officials involved” of celebrating a myriad of events marked by excessive alcoholism In government offices when the English could not see family and friends.

It did not name Johnson, who was fined 50 50 ($ 63) for attending a 56th birthday party in the cabinet room on June 19, 2020.

In defending him, the conservative leader assured him that the brief meeting would “not violate the rules”.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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