June 2, 2023

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He is from Puerto Rico, he won 45 million dollars in the lottery and he used a wrong technique because he was afraid of losing it.

He won the lottery 20 years ago Revealed What Are The Secrets To Avoiding Bankruptcy Without Losing Everything As happens to some lucky people, they screw everything up in the first years. In your case, He implemented certain techniques when his success was born and still uses them. Although they were a millionaire’s recommendations, he felt they worked to be “happy” at any socioeconomic level.

John Falcon, originally from Puerto Rico. In 1999, he won $45 million in the New York lottery. He was 44 at the time, so the money helped him fulfill some of his life-long dreams. However, he said it was important to make him happy and have a secure future the sun.

John Falcon went from day job to millionairePIX11

The first thing he did when he received his prize was to ask that it be deferred for 26 years.. That is, he didn’t pay US$45 million in one lump sum because he didn’t want to spend it. So in 2023 you are still making profit that way. He also hired financial advisors to help him manage his money.

Although he has invested in some properties, dentures, theater businesses and even a movie about himself, He kept most of his wealth and invited people to do the same. He was determined not to spend crores on parties. Although he had more money to buy what he wanted, he was neglected many times. “Everyone assumes it’s an infinite amount of money, but you have to hold back,” he said.

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In your view, Winning the lottery when he got older was the deciding factor in keeping it. “I was 44 years old when I won the lottery. If I was 24 years old, I would have been broke and working at a grill. That’s why I’m so happy,” he said. As he said, his life changed radically, not only because he had an important financial future, but because he learned to manage himself. “The Sun Before there isn’t, let me tell you. There was only darkness, clouds, rain, and steady snow. I was working,” he said. In 2005.

Dozens of people have won the lottery in the United States.Unsplash

On the other hand, Falcon assures him that he has a dream life and now his problems are different than before: “Let’s see, I want to exercise and train with my singing teacher or go to Rome to buy shoes. You’d be surprised how many times the shoes win.”

Besides, He said he is proud to have a good job because it has ensured the quality of life he has now: “If you ask me if money buys happiness, the answer is yes. Everything else is emotional and philosophical nonsense … money always makes things better. I don’t regret anything. Want?”.