June 4, 2023

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George Santos, a Republican congressman, got tired of lying until he was arrested in 13 cases.

He lied to exhaustion. And He was arrested this Wednesday for 13 charges covering everything from money laundering to theft of public funds. This is the story of New York’s Republican Congress George Santos, At the height of deception, he came to say, “Truth still matters.”

popular The problem of lies Santos, who planned to run for vice president, was arrested and charged with thirteen counts, the Justice Department said.

Thirteen charges should be made Crimes of fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and perjuryAccording to the official document.

Santos was scheduled to appear Wednesday afternoon before a federal judge in the Central Islip district in eastern New York’s Suffolk County.

Jorge Santos was charged with 13 counts. Photo: A.P

The whole Santos case is hilarious. It is the story of a trickster and a legend.

Instead of being punished by widespread criticism, every prime-time TV show was ridiculed and rejected. After confessing his discovery When Santos was elected, many (many) aspects of his life story He was happy in Congress.

And he refused to step down. And he recently announced his plans to run for re-election.

“I was elected by the people to represent them, and I do that every day,” Santos told The Associated Press in a brief interview outside the House.

“It’s hard work. I’d be lying to you if I said it was easy, I don’t think that’s what we want, do we?”

Pressing the post-truth idea, Santos said: “I think the truth is still important.”

Pressing the after-the-fact idea, Santos said:
Pressing the post-truth idea, Santos said: “I think the truth is still important.” Photo: Reuters
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Details of the charges will be revealed when Santos appears before a judge. When consulted on Tuesday, with rumors already circulating of his arrest, he replied: “This is new to me.”


The New York Republican admitted to lying about his Jewish ancestry, Wall Street background, college degrees and past as a star volleyball player.

Serious questions were also raised about his finances, including the substantiation of his claims A fortune he quickly amassed Despite recent financial difficulties, incl Thousands of dollars in debt in evictions and re-rents.

He said the lies about his life story, including telling people he had jobs at various global financial institutions and a lavish real estate portfolio, were harmless embellishments on his resume.

Jorge Santos left the House of Representatives last January.  Photo: A.P
Jorge Santos left the House of Representatives last January. Photo: A.P

There was pressure from all sides to resign.

Journalists and the public They persecuted him. He was mocked on social media and on late-night television. His fellow New York Republicans called for his resignation, saying he had betrayed voters and his own party with his lies.

Nassau County prosecutors and the New York attorney general’s office previously said they were investigating possible violations of the law.

In addition to doubts about his biography, Campaign expenses De Santos investigated unusual payments Travel, accommodation and other items.

"Enough lies, get Santos out today"Billboards in the Capitol say.  Photo: Reuters
“Enough lies, get Santos out today,” read billboards in the Capitol. Photo: Reuters

The nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission and urged regulators to investigate Santos.

The “Mountain of Lies” Santos spread the word about his life story and his credentials during the campaign, the Center said, prompting the commission to “thoroughly investigate such blatant lies.” How your campaign raised and spent money”.

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In his filings with the FEC, Santos said he initially loaned more than $750,000 to his campaign and related political action groups. A family business.

However, the wealth required to service those loans is evident They have come out of nowhere. In a 2020 financial disclosure statement filed with the clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives, Santos said. No assets and annual income of $55,000.

An Invented Life and a Mystery: Who Is Santos?

Santos lost his first congressional race in 2020, but ran again in 2022, winning a district located on suburban Long Island and a small slice of Queens.

A local newspaper, the North Shore Leader, raised questions about Santos’ background before the election, but did not make it public until weeks after the election. The depth of its duality.

Companies the New York Times said Santos worked for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, they have no record of his being on duty. Baruch College, where Santos said he earned a degree in finance and economics, said I was not a student.

Beyond his resume, Santos has created a life story that has been controversial, including claims about his grandparents.They fled Jewish persecution in the UkraineThey settled in Belgium and again fled persecution during World War II.

He referred to himself as such during the campaign “A Proud American Jew.”

When asked about the story, Santos said, A Roman CatholicHe said he did not want to claim Jewish heritage.

Even the Times found out Records in Brazil When Santos was 19, A Trial Offender There in 2008 on charges Used stolen cheques to shop at a clothing store in the city of Nitroi, near Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian officials said Janeiro had reopened the case.

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