April 14, 2024

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He kills his wife, reports her missing, but gets a surprise

He kills his wife, reports her missing, but gets a surprise

There was a man Arrested and accused of murdering his wife In Sao Paulo, Brazil. A woman’s body Found Sunday in a stream East of the city from Parque do Carmo. Luis Paulo Lima dos Santos He reported his wife missing. Ellida Tuane Ferreira da Silva Santos, but his alibi fell apart when investigators found security camera video showing him leaving his apartment. with her partner’s body in a shopping cart.

According to police, Luis Lima dos Santos, a Former professional wrestler And a gym owner allegedly killed Elida out of “jealousy,” though “the case needs to be fully investigated,” they told the site. G1. They have been married for a year and have a six-month-old child.

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The last image of the 26-year-old woman was recorded on the elevator security camera of the Vila Matilde building where she lived at around 9:30pm on Friday.

All are 26 years old. The couple has been married for a year and have a six-month-old child. (Photo: Thanks RecordTV).

A day later, at the same time, the husband was recorded arriving in the lobby with an empty shopping cart. Four minutes later, Exlucador reappeared and entered the elevator with a bundle wrapped in sheets. According to police, the woman’s body was inside.

The man went to the garage and left Elida’s body in the car. She left the building early Sunday morning and returned to the apartment four hours later, the couple’s six-month-old son in her arms.

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Elida’s body was found by the police in a plastic bag On the banks of a stream, at Itaguera. Residents of the building told investigators They heard the footage on FridayBut none of them called the police.

Elida and Louis had been married for a year and had a six-month-old baby. (Photo: Thanks to Record TV).

This Wednesday, the killer pleaded guilty and said he shot the woman at work four times. Teacher At a school in Sao Paulo.

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The man who tried to cover up the femicide reported that his wife had gone missing. He testified that the woman had gone to Campinas to visit her mother and texted at 7:51 p.m. that her cellphone battery was low. Later, he said he tried to contact her after 10 p.m., but “the calls went straight to her voicemail.”

He said he then went out to look for him. But his lies were exposed when the elevator and garage videos surfaced.

The court ordered the temporary arrest of the suspect.