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He put cannabis in the wedding party and everything was messy

He put cannabis in the wedding party and everything was messy

It should have been a joyous celebration, ended with friends and family Guests With panic attacks, vomiting, hallucinations and depression.

About 50 people attended Wedding Tanya and Andrew Swaboda celebrate their association in Longwood, Florida, USA. It is natural for these types of celebrations to focus more on music, room decoration and, of course, food.

For this unique and special occasion, Tanya Svoboda and bridal caterer Joycelyn Bryant decided to add an extra ingredient to the service to make the night memorable. And made the bold decision to add drugs In the diet.

Once the party was open, guests took their seats and began serving a menu designed specifically for the wedding. However, hours go by, guests They went from pleasure to experience other kinds of emotions.


One of the guests, Jeffrey Belmont, ate a lot of meatballs, Caesar salad and bread with marijuana sauce at his wife’s cousin’s wedding. But after a while it started to feel weird, awkward and restless. Her sister-in-law also went to sea, and she threw dinner and ended up on her knees.

Miranda Gaddy, who knew Tanya through friends, also ate bread and olive oil. Then he panicked thinking he would have a heart attack. Frustrated, she ran to her car, believing she was going to die right there, so she sent a text message to let people know what had happened to her.

Thus, because there were party participants who had no experience with this type of drug, all participants felt the effects of marijuana more or less. It should be noted that medical marijuana is legal in Florida, but its recreational use is still restricted.

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The groom’s uncle, Douglas Postma, said he tried cannabis many years ago. I felt different before. This time, His heart began to beat, and he began to have “crazy thoughts.”He said in his confession to the police.

Postma texted her nephew to ask what was going on. Andrew Svoboda replied that he did not know and was watching it. Postma’s wife, Nancy, then went to the emergency room Believing that one of her relatives had died, she became paranoid, screaming and out of control.


Earlier, while at the wedding, Nancy Postma and her daughter Belmond went to the kitchen to fetch water and explained that they were not feeling well. Then an employee told them: “Well, there’s cannabis in the meal.”

Rachel Ben, a neighbor of the newlyweds, told police she felt “weird” and “shocked” after trying olive oil. At 9pm, he said the band stopped playing and the reception was over. Seminole County firefighters eventually arrived just like the sheriff’s representatives.

Sitting in a hospital, Ben texted the bride and asked what she ate at the wedding. Svoboda responded with a text message: “Ugh, we don’t know anything. Let us know if you need any help.”

Then, while most of the guests were under the influence of marijuana, the police were at the place where they confirmed the truth when they tested positive for cannabis. None of the guests interviewed by investigators said they knew marijuana was in the diet.

Now, Tanya Svoboda and the wedding caterer, Joycelyn Bryant, have been charged with two counts of adulteration and distribution of marijuana, as well as negligence, a misdemeanor.

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