July 3, 2022

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In a heated debate, Macron showed restraint on issues and Le Pen Paper | Ahead of Sunday’s vote in France, both parties need the votes of the left

From Paris

They waited 5 years to meet again for revenge for the first clash between the first and second rounds of the 2017 presidential election. Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron And candidate Marine Le Pen on the right The new debate that locked Marine Le Pen into two challenges: doing a better job than the embarrassing chapter of the previous debate that crushed Emmanuel Macron and winning the election clichs at a crucial moment, in which the referendum is more beneficial. Chairman.

Macron goes through an upward dynamic Several days (56.5%, 43.5%) and, from the beginning, the debate reflected that movement. The head of state never came down from his pedestal Marine Leibniz Never climbed the stairs. Skipped the 2017 paper Confused and hesitant, she got lost in the stats, quotes and files she was contemplating. This time, though always accurate, it was very firm and convincing. However, When it came to Russia’s problem, Le Pen lost his legs and lost a lot of debt. Macron listed the support that Marine Le Pen always gave to Vladimir PutinIn 2014, he praised the annexation of Crimea and the fact that First Czech Bank of Russia had borrowed more than 9 million euros from the Bank of Russia (still repaying) to finance the campaign for the 2015 regional and regional elections. With an unheard cheek, Marine Le Pen denied everything. Yet it is all trueAs he said on BFMTV in January 2017: “I totally do not think Crimea was annexed: the referendum took place, the people wanted to join Russia.” In this episode, Ms. Le Pen becomes nervous and weaves a web of false arguments At one point, he called the invasion of Ukraine an “unacceptable occupation,” but it cost him a lot of debt. Emmanuel Macron accused him of being “dependent on Russian power.” And take Vladimir Putin “for a bank.”


Among them were other contradictions as of 2017 The position of the far right on the EU. 5 years ago, Marine Le Pen said he wanted to leave Europe. He would no longer verbally express that desire, But his show points to a gap, which is why Emmanuel Macron accused him of “lying”. In the far-right program, Marine Le Pen’s use of them from the presidency would conflict with the general rules of European agreements (restricting national borders, reviewing Schengen agreements, restricting social rights for foreigners). , Including Europeans). Unlike other discussions there are really no memorable moments, nor are there very leading conflicts. Both Le Pen and Macron showed a moderate profile because they needed the left-wing votes of Jean-Luc Mலlenchon. To win elections. Without previous discussions, without much emphasis, there is not much to expect from a debate that has engulfed the corporate parties and has been singing for years with some ideas and two finalists. As the exchange that the community attended tonight was already part of a calculated, smoothed and shaped rule, the discussion did not provoke more interest than seeing what each adversary would do in the face of the challenge.

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The two actors face each other. Nothing has changed. Everything was inferior, controlled, measured, and aseptic, and on more than one occasion gave Marine Le Pen the appearance of a center-right candidate. In fact, there is a lot of difference between a famous leader who plays with opinion and a leader who knows the issues he is talking about.. This was echoed in the discussion with A. Macron revealed his knowledge of economic issues down to the smallest detail. The rematch was reported to have erupted rather than unfolded. The differences between the two were so great that the teams that prepared the discussion did not even agree on the topic of starting the exchange. The channels that aired the discussion had to go to the authority that regulates audiovisual and digital communication (Arcom) and come up with a solution. Arkham suggested that the first theme should be selected by lottery. The debate began with the issue of purchasing power following Ukraine. Other thematic elements of the project are environment, social model (retirement, health), institutions, education, security and immigration. In ecology, there is really nothing to highlight except that Macron told her “you are a climate-skeptic” and Marine Le Pen replied that you are a “climate-hypocrite”.

Marine Le Pen opposed his “economic patriotism” against Emmanuel Macron, whom he described as the “promoter of globalization that would bring poverty and inequality to the nation and the land as medicine for the evils of trade.” No message. The same rhetoric expressed by the media and commentators makes Marine Le Pen the candidate of the people and the last stronghold of Emmanuel Macron against liberalism and fascism. In short, democracy or dictatorship, progress or regression, good and evil. Same as it was in 2017, but with more dramatic accents by the importance that the far right is gaining, and by a greater percentage of people who are ready to reject the alternative and vote empty-handed. The program of the far right is as generous as Macron’s and the “for the people” measures proposed by Marine Le Pen are an inappropriate partnership and without the grounds to fund them.

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Marine Le Pen shone in her favorite themeAll kinds of misconduct by foreigners and their electoral platform prepared for them. Already seen and heard as his attacks against Muslims. The far-right candidate reiterated the idea of ​​banning the wearing of veils in public. “I want to fight Islam. I do not fight against Islam, I want to fight against the Islamic ideology that is undermining the very foundations of our republic,” Macron said. He later added: “Trouble in his demo is the way he goes. From the question of the veil you go back to Islam to terrorism, and from there to foreigners.

Marine Le Pen was exhausted by several hours of debate, while his opponent appeared to be somewhat arrogant and a well-prepared expert. It is unlikely that this Wednesday’s debate will radically change the purpose of the vote reflected in the referendum. Five years later, the long-awaited rematch seems like a less precursor review of the Marine Le Pen, but nowhere near as decisive in getting the votes of the far right as president.

Interruptions, fights over figures, tensions and even a few low blows during a debate are not enough to fill a voter’s imagination, they feel deeply led into a web where they have no complete freedom to choose.

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