November 30, 2023

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He tried to grab a policeman’s weapon and his colleagues shot him

He tried to grab a policeman’s weapon and his colleagues shot him

Video. Emotional pictures. The assailant died on the spot. This happened when a police officer stopped him because the vehicle he was driving was listed as stolen.

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The Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia, USA, has released video from security cameras of an officer-involved shooting that left one person dead.

The incident occurred on May 11, 2023 at 4:06 p.m., when Brandon Lemagne, 38, passed a license plate reader that alerted officers to a U-Haul delivery truck that was listed as stolen in the area.

An officer spotted the vehicle in the 6300 block of Richmond Highway in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County, where Lemagne had parked in a gas station parking lot. After stopping it, he got out of the vehicle and drove away.

We suggest: He shot and riddled the police who arrested him for crossing the double yellow line.

In the footage, the officer can be seen talking to Lemagne, and then the two walk towards the officer’s patrol, where he informs him that he is about to be arrested for driving a stolen vehicle (until the situation is cleared).

Lemagne then assaulted the officer as he tried to pull the gun out of its holster. There they head-butted the uniformed man, who said the suspect had his hand on his weapon as he called for support.


While the struggle was going on inside the patrol car, it took off and in reverse gear, at high speed, crashed into two private vehicles in the Fast Put House parking lot.

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Reinforcements arrived, which opened fire on Legname, hitting the suspect several times.

As the patrol car approached, one of the officers pulled out the suspect who was lying on top of the stricken officer.

The uniformed man who was attacked received help from colleagues at the scene and was later transferred to hospital, while Legname was pronounced dead at the scene from gunshot wounds.