September 29, 2023

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They fell from a swing at a height of 1,920 meters and were saved by a description: “It’s cold”

They fell from a swing at a height of 1,920 meters and were saved by a description: “It’s cold”

They give people an adrenaline rush and are spectacular to watch. Extreme attractions often involve danger. From properly placing insurance to checking that the structure is in proper condition, operators and staff of the sites they are on must take all necessary precautions to maintain the safety of every visitor. however, Human failings are likely to cause tragedies or unfavorable scenarios. This is the case of an episode that took place in In Russia, two women fell from a structure Located at an altitude of 1,920 meters They had to lose their lives.

According to the media Daily Mail, the event took place on July 13, 2021 when the protagonists visited one of the deepest canyons in the world, the Sulak Valley in Dagestan. there, They decided to take a famous swing An area that raised them to a frightening distance, without any protection. They never thought it would break They will collapse into the valley.

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The moment when the doors were knocked over

A video recorded by tourists who witnessed the event, Violated quickly on virtual platforms and reveals the raw details of the victims’ downfall. In principle, the moment they form the relevant row is observed, and when their turn comes, the person in charge stops the structure so that they can climb.

Without saddles, vests or leashes -elements commonly found in this type of activity-, they climbed up and began to move their bodies, and everything ended badly: One of the hammock chains broke and crashed, luckily, no more.

Although in Clip A minute later, it was not clear what happened next, and officials at the tourist attraction cleared it up The girls hit the wooden platform They were located on the edge of the cliff, a few meters away. However, they sustained injuries on various parts of their bodies, but most of them were simple scratches.

“The girls were scared and scratched, but None of them sustained serious injuries. It is thrilling to imagine what would have happened if the swings slipped when they were at their maximum height,” said one of the people at the portal. Komsomolskaya Pravda.

The incident took place in the Sulak Valley in Dagestanfreepik

For its part, the local Ministry of Tourism gave the assurance in statements to the British news media The structure does not effectively meet the appropriate safety standards. “Agencies in competition have already taken necessary controls to guarantee that there is no threat to life and health,” they stressed.

The majority emphasized on the reactions of people on the virtual platforms that violated the video Lack of awareness on the part of operators in recognizing the gravity of such characteristics. “But what a dangerous system, it’s a crime to have it”, “Thankfully they didn’t die, thank goodness they had to do it”, were some of the most prominent comments on Twitter.

A few comments on video that have crossed various virtual platformsCatch up on Twitter

After this situation, the authorities decided to withdraw the attraction as it endangered the lives of hundreds of people. Thus this particular incident which went viral again today, Marked before and after protection of extreme attractions in RussiaWith the iron intention that there are more activities in line with these types of activities.


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