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He went to a bar and had an attitude that baffled the owner of the place: “Four hours is too much.”

He went to a bar and had an attitude that baffled the owner of the place: “Four hours is too much.”

Going to a bar is usually an activity to relieve the tension of the daily routine. In a program that can be alone, with friends, colleagues and even family members, people visit these places and choose their preferred option from the available menu. Justify your visit.

A shop, with a wide variety of products like coffee, juices and drinks Ireland Passed through a certain situation A surprise to the owner of the placeThat he had no choice but to cope An event by one of the customers.

Because some days are busy, managers usually look at a typical flight to check that everything around them is working properly and if there is anything to improve. A special order is prescribed to the servant or servant to restore the default.

But this time something out of control happened. Ronan FloodOwner of Oscar Cafe Bar, D Dublin, Ireland, I decided to mark the limits of dining. In his first intervention, he asked for a glass of white drink, and from there, He felt free to use all the facilities of the place as he wished.

As soon as he began to drink the drink already established on his table, he took it out of his bag Electric slippersIt is connected to and from a store It provided power to charge his computer and cell phone.

A photo taken by Ronan, a bar owner in Ireland, as his customer went to the bathroom Photo: The Sun

Although this situation may enter normality, it is the customer who upsets the owner of the bar He spent four hours like that. Not wanting to argue, Ronan The man was waiting to go to the bathroom You have disconnected the deviceAs a clear sign of non-conformity to the way he continues.

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“I went to one of the other bars and came back with the same guest I was still sitting there plugging in the devices”, comment RonanIn declarations to the place Irish Mirror Once the story went viral, he justified his decision in this way. He further said:To be fair, he had a second drink, but I thought that was a bit much.”.

In the middle of a conversation he defined as “respectable,” the owner approached the customer, amid the energy crisis in Ireland. Do not use the facilities by consuming only one drink during a four-hour stay.

The front of Oscar's Bar in Dublin, Ireland Photo: Sun
The front of Oscar’s Bar in Dublin, Ireland Photo: Sun

“I said go”This is excessive use of our electricityYou take advantage of that space,” he said. Ronan, who put a limit on dining. Finally, he revealed: “The customer walked out the door and we both exchanged respectful words and went on our way.”.

To further select the case, the owner decided to use Local social networks To post a photo where you can see the drink and stretch, set guidelines for coexistence with passers-by. “I’ve seen it all now. The customer sits for 4 1/2 hours, plugging three devices into his own extension cord. Ireland, 2022 summed up in one picture”, he wrote furiously.