March 4, 2024

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He went to a hospital in New York for treatment, and a few days later the bill arrived: “It's a play.”

He went to a hospital in New York for treatment, and a few days later the bill arrived: “It's a play.”
Two months ago, the woman was forced to go to the hospital after hitting her head (@keltsearroyo)

A Spanish citizen living in New York shared his shock on TikTok Invoice Hospital After a medical visit, turning their experience into a financial drama. The video, which has amassed more than half a million views and 14,000 likes, reveals a staggering amount $1,355.11 Through a series of routine medical procedures.

Two months ago, the woman fell ill and was forced to go to the hospital A blow to the head while trying to program the washing machine. In the video, he elaborated on his experience at the hospital An electrocardiogram, urinalysis, and several questions to assess your mental status and coordination. He was surprised when they billed him because according to his insurance, the co-pay for an emergency room visit was $250.

“It's a urine test, an electro test, someone asking me questions to see if my head is fine, I coordinate,” the user revealed in the video, showing his disbelief at the high cost of medical services. received

Then the situation became more complicated The deadline for payment is January 11. The woman said she was dealing with her insurance to cover the costs. However, she seems frustrated as she mentions the difficulties she faced while filling out the necessary forms: “I'm doing it, I have to fill it with my information, it's not easy because of the things they ask you. That's when I went to install the washing machine and got hit on the head. “It's all drama and chaos.”, He finished.

The woman revealed $1,355.11 for routine medical procedures (Illustration image – Getty)

The story generated empathy in the TikTok community, with thousands of users expressing their support in comments and comparing the situation to Spain. The Uncertainty about whether insurance will cover costs Or whether the woman had to pay the full bill added additional stress to this unexpected medical situation.

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“Long live public health, let the people who want to privatize it realize what will happen”, “Now health in Spain is not 100%, but we don't value what we have”, “Then there are those who believe that they don't need public health with 50 euros insurance”, “The public health we have And it seems to me that people are not aware of the abuse we are doing”, some comments from users on the Chinese social network.