December 1, 2023

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He went to the flea market and found more than a million pesos worth of items and went “crazy”: “Too much.”

He went to the flea market and found more than a million pesos worth of items and went “crazy”: “Too much.”

He Flea market, is a market and fair of sorts located in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires, where they sell a variety of used items, promoting the reuse of all kinds of items. In recent times they have become a trend to sell all kinds of things, be it furniture or clothes.

They went to a restaurant and they wanted to charge them for sharing a meal and the networks erupted in outrage: “We will not be back”

An American citizen was outraged by a restaurant’s decision and complained via video. “I would never do what they did to you,” they told him in comments.

In this context, a person shared an incredible discovery he made on his TikTok account Flea marketObjects, though they did not seem so, were there Worth more than a million paisa. Cheque @elmercadodelasfleas He shares the most frequently visited and sold items with their respective values.

What are the goods worth more than one million pesos?

After several videos showing various objects and furniture, the man decided to record a revelation, showing items worth more than a million pesos and some not worth that price.

“Now we’re going to make over a million videos”He opened the video with a big surprise. “Look at this balloon, it’s handmade, it’s from the 60s, it’s Chopano, Murano, only the masters did this technique. Over a million pesos? much more”He exclaimed between laughs when he saw the first object which was a large round lamp.

Second, he exposed a large piece of furniture in marble: “Look what this console is, All marble, carved wood, gilded mouth. Easy, four meters and peak. A million pesos?”And laughs and points out that the price was too high.

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Finally, he recorded a very large carpet: “This rug, All silk, which has 600 thousand knots per square meter, comes from India Since the 70s. A million pesos? you’re crazy”, He closed the video with three objects that many would not have thought would be worth more than that.

She uploaded a photo, and a friend’s response filled her with anger: “They’re all the same.”

A user on Twitter shared his friend’s inappropriate response to the photo, sparking a debate about friendship between a man and a woman.