April 22, 2024

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He won millions in the lottery and suddenly abandoned his wife

A Partner Tickets purchased Lottery Won over $ 3 million. However, amidst the ecstasy, Maurice Thibault decided to end the relationship and left Denise Robertson. So, without explanations.

Denise and Maurice will do just that: they buy tickets with the determination to distribute the prize if any of them win. But something unexpected happened. Maurice’s ticket won a multi-million dollar prize, causing confusion and emotional instability for the couple.

According to Denise’s complaint, without any hesitation, the man told her he had not won anything. However, as soon as he left the bat, he announced that he wanted to quit his job. The next day, Maurice completely disappeared from his life. Girl, Who began to doubt. After a while, the woman finds out that her boyfriend has always refused: she won the big lottery prize. For this reason, he initiated a legal complaint, this time, with no conclusion. On request, She claims half of the gift she received from her ex-partner and compensation for the damage she claims to have suffered.

For his part, Maurice promises that he will not give her anything, and makes it clear that Denise will not pay a penny in asking. For now, when justice is served, the lottery will only give him half of the prize.

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