February 22, 2024

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UK: Early evidence shows that Ómicron makes up 70% fewer hospitals

Ambulances in front of St Thomas’ Hospital in London (Photo: Reuters)

Public Health Institute Preliminary data suggest that people with an omigran variant of the corona virus are 50% to 70% less likely to be hospitalized, the UK said on Thursday. Than those with delta strain.

The findings of the UK Health Care System add further Evidence suggests that Omigron may cause milder disease than other types, But it spreads faster and avoids vaccinations better.

The company said on Thursday that it had been assessed based on cases in the UK A person with Omigran has a 31% to 45% lower chance of attending a hospital emergency department Compared to the delta, “50 to 70% less hospital admissions” In a hospital.

A Vaccine Center in London (Photo: EFE)
A Vaccine Center in London (Photo: EFE)

However they warned Analysis “Preliminary and highly uncertain” Because of the small number of Omigran patients in hospitals, most of them are minors. As of December 20, 132 people had been admitted to UK hospitals with confirmed Omicron, 14 of whom died between the ages of 52 and 96.

The agency’s investigation said The protection provided by the booster vaccine against symptomatic Omigran infection decreases after about 10 weeks, Hospitalization and care against serious illnesses can last a long time.

Jenny Harris, Managing Director of the Agency, Analysis “a This is an early and encouraging sign that shrinks with the Omigran variant will be relatively less hospitalized than those contracted in other categories.

But he added, “The The cases are currently very high in the UK, And may be hospitalized even at relatively low rates A significant number of people are seriously ill. ”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (REUTERS / Henry Nichols / File photo)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (REUTERS / Henry Nichols / File photo)

This analysis follows two studies by Imperial College London and Scottish researchers who found it Omigron patients were 20% to 68% less likely to require hospital treatment than delta patients.

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In fact, the country registered another 120,000 CO cases on Thursdayvid-19, The number of omigran infections leading to restrictions is increasing in some regions.

After crossing the 100,000 daily cases barrier on Wednesday (for the first time since the outbreak), the United Kingdom recorded 119,789 cases in the 24 hours, a 50% increase in the last seven days and 147 deaths.

In this country, where The epidemic caused 147,720 deaths, The government is betting on a wider campaign of vaccination with doses that will encourage people to return to the rhythm earlier Omigron.

Infectious Disease Record in the United Kingdom (Photo: EFE)
Infectious Disease Record in the United Kingdom (Photo: EFE)

Restrictions currently in place only Turn the mask in, Recommend Enter the phone and health passport Is large Events and Discos.

I know too Reduced the period of isolation of victims from 10 to 7 days, On the condition that they remain negative after this period, Omicron’s rapid expansion is disrupting the operations of hospitals, transport companies, restaurants and theaters.

(With information from AP and AFP)

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