December 8, 2023

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Heartwarming images of a dog spending its days near its owner’s grave

Heartwarming images of a dog spending its days near its owner’s grave

A dog moved everyone in the network For spending day and night near the grave of its owner. The dramatic scene took place in a cemetery in the city of Saltillo in the state of Coahuila (northeastern Mexico), where the animal did not leave the place where its master was buried. Pantheon Los Pinos.

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According to the planEnmore“, of the chain TelevisaThe dog lives and sleeps next to the grave every day Grave keepers said it had been there since its owner died and was buried.

The conductor of the cycle, Sofia Escobosa, explained “from experience”, If someone in the family dies, “it’s important for the pup to have a chance to sniff it because they know that person isn’t coming back.” And, in that way, they don’t wait for it.

In this case, the animal’s loyalty to its master reminded many people on the network of the story of the Japanese dog Hachiko. He waited for his owner at the train station that had received him for nine years.

The animal does not leave the burial site.

A dog saved his owner’s life by licking his face

A red Labrador retriever saved her owner’s life after realizing she was having seizures and choking her. So he licked her face and saved her from drowning.

Moose is the pet of a 22-year-old British woman named Leanne Reid. He sensed that his owner was in danger and it led him to lick her face and nose and help her breathe again.. The dog was trained for such cases.

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A young woman suffers from epileptic seizures several times a day and admitted that if the moose had not licked it, it might have died.