September 26, 2023

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Let fear unite us

Let fear unite us

I imagine you are still mumbling why so many people voted for Mili in shock and fear of what will happen if he becomes president in the October election. Because we saw it from afar, with Trump in America or, with Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, but also with Santiago Abascal and Vox in Spain, and recently in Italy with Giorgia Meloni.

This is part of their campaign: rights for women, diversity and immigrants, and labor rights with a certain risk of being reduced, in addition to cuts in social, health and education programs. Miley says we need to pay for health care and public education. Babies and organs can be sold. He denies climate change, is in favor of the freedom to bear arms and repealing the Comprehensive Sex Education (ESI) mandate, which he sees as a tool to destroy the family.

But from testimony heard in the final hours, many of his constituents do not believe he will implement these ideas. After all, with the dollarization of the economy it lured them – seduced them – however, as we know, this type of program did not work in other countries, such as Ecuador, and it did not clearly explain how it could be implemented. . Miley sells colored glasses. But unfortunately, many believe that they can earn more and more dollars with magic. Green tickets and the promise of a strong arm for criminals attracted.

For far too long – and not just in the last three and a half years – Miley has cast angry votes against a political leadership that has not responded to the most pressing issues of a large part of the population, leading to inflation – the ranks. Rapid increase in poverty and insecurity. The fear of missing out at the end of the month, the fear of not returning home, convinced many voters. With Miley, “They’re All Going Away” is a political rallying cry against “caste,” but against everything that feminist and transfeminist struggles have meant and accomplished.

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This Monday he said he was referring to the Voluntary Interference of Pregnancy Act. He is the messiah who screams dreams uncontrollably, creating hope because he is still undefeated. But, in addition, he was the candidate with the most votes in PASO because the ruling party did not reach out to the disillusioned young people who are trapped by the epidemic and who work but cannot afford rent to leave their old people’s homes. Argentina was never seen as a prosperous country. An important fact is that in an election where more than a third of the electorate is youth.

As Juan Elman recalled in an article for Open Democracy in the 2019 election, the Frente de Todos won with 60% support in that segment. Miley’s presence on social networks, and especially her videos on Tik Tok, allowed her to strengthen a close bond with adolescent voters and young people who voted for the first time after gaining fame on TV shows that invited her. Measured and it was historic when he screamed. Mistakes such as celebrating the first lady’s birthday at a time when people were under strict restrictions amid the pandemic, civil strife, and perpetual indifference between the different places that make up the Frente de Totx—now the Union War Law. Patria- They were also alienating the government from the electorate who had confidently supported it in 2019, now either not going to the polls or falling back on the official formula.

It is necessary to create a project that is close to the expectations of the majority, reliable, sensitive and communicates well, which shows how the economy and the problem of insecurity can be improved, without retreating in rights, present and efficient government. The personal pettiness and situation of many government leaders reinforced their own credibility. How can an economy minister who cannot control inflation today believe that he can bring down inflation after December? That’s the big challenge: the panorama is complex. But it will undoubtedly be worse if a conservative far-right like Miley or Patricia Bullrich finally reaches the Casa Rosada.

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Our rights are at stake. Let fear unite us.