March 25, 2023

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“Help me, my boss is torturing me”: the harrowing story of a housekeeper who escapes from her locked apartment with a note she leaves

  • Endang Noordin & Raja Lumbanrao
  • BBC Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur

image source, BBC / Twiggy Marta


Merians Kapu tears up as she recalls her story of abuse in Kuala Lumpur.

“Help me. My boss is torturing me,” Merians Kapu wrote. “Every day I’m covered in blood, help me!”

She quickly folded her note and threw it through the locked iron door of the suburban Kuala Lumpur apartment where she worked as a maid.

A woman passing by picked it up. After reading it, he immediately took the note to a retired police officer who lived in the same building. “If he had stayed there, he would surely have died,” he later said.

On the same day, December 20, 2014, the Malaysian police knocked on the door of the apartment where Merians lived, and he had not left for eight months.

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