March 25, 2023

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Persecution in Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega’s regime shut down the church-linked NGO Caritas and two universities.

FILE PHOTO: Nicaraguan university students spark massive protests against Daniel Ortega’s regime in 2018 (EFE)

The Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua closed the rest through the Interior Ministry Two private universities affiliated with the Catholic Church, deprived them of their legal status and ordered the confiscation of their movable and immovable property for non-compliance with the laws. With this move, there are 19 illegal universities in the country as of December 2021, including 7 of foreign origin.

Also, the Ministry of Home Affairs revoked the statutory status Caritas Nicaragua And Caritas Jinotegathrough a “voluntary liquidation” agreed to by its own members, according to reports Pres.

Canceled new study centers Juan Pablo II University and the Autonomous Christian University of Nicaragua (UCAN)Both are registered as societies, according to an agreement of the Ministry of Home Affairs published in the official gazette. newspaper.

The agreement with the Ministry of Home Affairs, which is responsible for the regulation and registration of NGOs, indicates that the associations of the two universities have failed to comply with the laws governing them. He noted, among other things, that they are not recognized in quality indicators. They do not report on their financial statements and their boards of directors, And they do not present clarifications about inheritance, fixed assets, income, expenses, implementation of funds or increase and decrease in unjustified accounts.

John Paul II University, registered From August 26, 2004, headquartered in Managua and with branches in Zondales (center), Matagalpa (north) and Granada (southwest). UCAN, meanwhile, was registered From June 17, 2002Headquartered in Leon (Northwest) and branches in Sinanteca (Northwest), Esteli and Matagalpa (North), Sondales (Center) and Masaya (Southwest).

Photo by Daniel Ortega in Havana, Cuba (Yamil Lage/Reuters)
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The Ministry of Home Affairs directed the authorities of the two defunct universities to be handed over to the National Council of Universities in a speedy and orderly fashion. Information about students, faculty, careers, programs of study, enrollment databases, and grades or academic records.

He also said that CNU will continue Transfer of students currently enrolled in Nicaraguan territory to accredited universities in the country.

It also ordered the Office of the Attorney General to transfer the movable and immovable properties of the affected study centers to the name of the State of Nicaragua.

The National Assembly (Parliament), with a Sandinista majority, has outlawed 14 higher education centers at the request of the administration since December 2021. Five other research centers have also been liquidated by the Home Ministry.

Supporters carry banners of the Sandinista National Liberation Front and a portrait of Daniel Ortega at a pro-government rally in Managua (REUTERS / Stringer).

Adrien Meza, the rector of one of the canceled universities, denounced from exile that the Ministry of Interior refused to receive the financial statements of the higher education centers.

In February last year, Parliament created three new centers of higher education with documents and infrastructure occupied by six private private universities. Among them is the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua (Uboli), which was a bastion of anti-government protests between April and June 2018.

The decision was added to other measures by Daniel Ortega’s regime that put him in international isolation.

On Monday, the Interior Ministry revoked the legal status of 18 Nicaraguan business associations, including the Superior Council for Private Enterprises (COSEP), which brings together other employer chambers.

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(with information from EFE)

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