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Her daughter dies and a mysterious man hugs her in the middle of the funeral: she is stunned to see who it is.

Her daughter dies and a mysterious man hugs her in the middle of the funeral: she is stunned to see who it is.

A lady named Dee Sumter He lived through one of the most difficult moments of his life When they gave him the news that it was his daughter Shawna Hawke was killed By a person who has no trace of them. however, She had a feeling she might know him. As a result of her investigation into what happened, she realized she was right, and was shocked when Shortly after the young woman’s funeral, she discovers that it was the man who hugged her.

In February 1993, residents of North Carolina, USA, were moved by the crime and had no doubt as to who the culprit was. They thought that first Darryl Kirkpatrick, possibly involving a 20-year-old woman’s boyfriend. The reason? There were no signs of forced entry into the family home where the body was found. However, the police interrogated him and concluded that he was not responsible.

The woman who was killed was Shawna HoggABC

Dee, for her part, thought of countless names that might have a relationship or some kind of connection to her daughter. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t find the right person. Always smiling and friendly Henry Wallace, Shawna’s boss at a Taco Bell restaurant, doesn’t appear to be violent. Even if I was wrong.

He was one of those people who stood by her when she woke up, without any empathy or remorse When he saw her he hugged her A few days later. However, that gesture hid a disturbing secret: It’s a serial killer.

In conversation with the sun, the woman recounted the details of those days and the pain she felt when she learned that her daughter’s killer had comforted her. “One day I was shopping and Wallace came up to me and gave me a hug. He said he was praying for me And he watched my interviews on TV,” he recalled.

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Despite the fact that she never felt anything out of the ordinary, she had a variety of sensations that left her with many questions. “When everything was revealed, my whole body felt cold and chilly. That hug makes me sick. I don’t have enough words to describe how I feel about that moment He tried to hug me and console me. too Shawna had the courage to show up in her wakeBut he seemed very kind and loving to her,” she added.

Shawna was a college student and simultaneously worked at a fast food restaurant. One of his free afternoons, He invited Henry to his homeSince the two had a close bond from the day they started working together. But this visit turned out to be a dream come true.

There were signs that the man had strangled and abused the young woman. When the police found out he was the killer, he pardoned himself. “When Shawna kissed me on the cheek goodbye, my ‘other side’ came out. It was a switch turned on, a button pressed or a door opened,” he told authorities when they found his identity.

It was Darryl, the victim’s boyfriend, who found the body in the bathroom. Immediately, and within shockedExcept for Sumter, who gave notice of the scene, most suspicions were cast upon his character.

“I know Darryl loved Shawna so much. I remember seeing him at her grave, he was broken into a million pieces, and he always told me how much he hurt. I heard him, I saw him, and after a while, I removed him from my suspect list. He loved her and knew he wouldn’t kill her,” he commented to the aforementioned medium.

Dee with Darryl, her boyfriend at the timethe sun

A year after the crime, in 1994, Dee wrote a letter to the killer. Since then she has been deeply saddened Even after all these months they have nothing concrete about who is responsible.

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“Dear killer. I am Shawna Denise Hogg’s mother. I am writing to you because you murdered my only daughter in our house on February 19, 1993 between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM. It’s so hard to believe it’s been a whole year Ever since the body was found in the bathtub you put her in on that fateful Friday night. I don’t hate you. What would be the purpose? I want you to come and confess the heinous atrocity you committed,” he wrote in a letter to a local media outlet.

A day later, on February 20, Vannissa Little Mac’s body found, aged 25, at his residence. His sister was Henry’s co-worker at Taco Bell and was killed with him Method of action.

little by little, Police officers realized the murders were related So they got the name Henry. During his interrogation, he confessed to the crime He is also responsible for the death of 10 women That he met through his work.

The man’s arrest sparked hundreds of criticisms among locals as they denounced police negligence for not giving enough importance to the case. Currently, He is on death row in North Carolina.

Henry Louis Wallace was convicted on January 7, 1997ABC

“The police are not connecting the dots and He was allowed to roam the city killing women. It was deeply racist. If the victims had been Caucasian women, he would have been caught sooner. Wallace was a fearless monster who had been to my daughter’s funeral before. His mind was crazy and disgusting. In court he tried to mutter that he was sorry, but the damage was done,” Dee said.

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Although she was composed and relieved when she found her killer, she vowed that there are no words to describe all that she has missed her daughter.

Dee, in an interview with ABC media

“I have good days and bad days. I’ve learned to live with his death, but I’ll never get over it. Some days I can move freely through the pain, but other days it paralyzes me. It’s been a hell of a life because one man has caused destruction and horror and put women like my daughter in untimely graves,” she concluded with deep sadness that she had lived through a murderer she did not believe.