September 27, 2023

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Impressive video of the largest python in Florida: A hunter struggled for several minutes to catch it

Impressive video of the largest python in Florida: A hunter struggled for several minutes to catch it

“Gilet’s Boys” captured the largest python in Florida. (Video/Photo: Instagram @gladesboys)

Two young hunters from Florida, USA, have shared a shocking video of one of them struggling to catch one of the state’s largest pythons. The release was posted on their Instagram profile, where they are nicknamed GladboysCaused a stir. The snake is 5.8 meters (19 feet) long and weighs over 56 kilograms.

The title of “longest python ever documented” was recognized by the Southwest Florida NGO. The snake topped the 5.7 meter Burmese python caught in the same area. The video shows how Jake Valeri, 22, found the snake hiding in the grass at Big Cypress National Preserve around 1:00 a.m. local time on July 10. The young man pounced on her He struggled for several minutes as the beast tried to bite him.

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On the recommendation of wildlife experts, the python was killed and taken to the conservancy headquarters for examination and measurements. “We had an idea that these snakes got this big, and now we have concrete proofIan Easterling, a conservation biologist, said in the interview CBS. “Their genetic material may be valuable for future understanding of South Florida’s founding populations. We will collect measurements and samples that will be distributed to our research collaborators.”

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The Glades Boys found the largest python ever recorded in Florida. (Photo: Instagram @gladesboys)

Burmese pythons are non-venomous reptiles They became an invasive species in Florida. They primarily live in and around the Everglades (a wetland reserve) in the southern part of the state. On average, they measure over two meters.

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According to experts, this breed It became a threat to the wildlife in the area Because they feed on mammals, birds and crocodiles, they have few natural predators other than humans.

Pythons measure an average of two meters. (Photo: Instagram @gladesboys)

This is why officials recommend humane euthanasia of snakes by trapping them. The government offers free python patrol training to learn how to spot snakes and report them to experts or kill them. To sacrifice them, people A method of rendering the animal unconscious must be used Just before he smashed his brains out.