July 13, 2024

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Hideo Kojima wanted to battle Metal Gear Solid Boss for two weeks

Hideo Kojima wanted to battle Metal Gear Solid Boss for two weeks

Image of the article titled Metal Gear Solid 3 would have had a boss fight that could take two weeks to finish

picture: Konami / Kotaku

Hideo Kojima’s new podcast isn’t for everyoneFortunately, that’s not the only place we can turn to for development stories from the games he’s worked on. Like this about a very boring idea for Metal Gear Solid 3.

The last episode of Do you know the games– Only echoed by Snake’s original voice actor, David Hayter – It’s all about content cut from the series, based on information released in old interviews (great love for quotes from Hyper) and books. There are things on the guns that were very exhilarating, story elements that were never made and game sequences that were cut and then turned into cinematic scenes.

However, the funniest and most interesting part of the video is the one about the boss battle that was planned Metal Gear Solid 3to the test and then it ended so badly started by the developers Kojima booed them. Here’s the story Across Kotaku AU:

The story says that, during production Metal Gear Solid 3Kojima became fascinated by the works of novelist Stephen Hunter, who wrote the main sniper And the Impact point, was about snipers entrenched in the mountains, gradually trying to snatch each other. Kojima’s idea was that the Snake Boss fight with The End would be as close to a real sniper fight as possible, and would be played over two weeks in real time. The player will need to use their surroundings to remain hidden and silent, search for clues in a huge area to determine where The End is hiding, and once located, prepare the perfect shot. Once again, this will end real two weeks.

The crazy thing is that this boss fight has already reached the prototype stage. It was, at one point, a real part of a playable build. However, when it was time for a combat test, no one who played in it was able to find a trace of the old man. Many players spent hours searching for The End and didn’t show anything, effectively hindering their progress through the game. The team found the fight so boring that they started booing Kojima, convincing him to give up on the idea altogether.

I want to believe that this is the whole experience of working with Kojima, compressed into one anecdote. You can watch the full video below; You probably know some of this already, or maybe, like me, you knew almost none of it which is 42 minutes of really interesting stuff!

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