June 9, 2023

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How to escape light pollution and see the stars like never before

Every year, our cities are getting brighter. As development increases, so does the amount of bright lights in the night sky. The more light we shine, the less starlight we see shining.

This is called light pollution This is the main reason why people in the heart of cities can only see the 10-50 brightest stars at night. Cities like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Flagstaff, Arizona, take measures to reduce their light pollution, but most urban locations are too bright to see the stars.

But if you’re away from the city lights, you’ll be treated to so many stars, that you can’t count them all. Where else can you go to see darker, darker, and darker skies?

Here are my favourites.

Closer to home: the best places for sky-watching in Cincinnati

Sunrise as seen from Mount Echo Park in 2014.

Although sometimes not ideal for stargazing, many of Cincinnati’s parks have great views, such as Mount Echo and Mount Storm. And most Cincinnati parks are open to the public until 10 p.m.—allowing you to stay out of the dark most of the year.

My go-to place in Cincinnati to see things low in the sky like planets, comets, or sunsets is Ault Park. Located about 5 miles east of downtown, this Cincinnati Park isn’t exactly out in the country, but it offers some of the best views toward the western skyline from the top of the pavilion.