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Hungarian PM says European countries with ‘mixed races’ are ‘no longer countries’

Hungarian PM says European countries with 'mixed races' are 'no longer countries'

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban came under fire on Saturday after he said so in a keynote speech European countries With “ethnic mixing” “nations are no longer”.

Orbán was giving a speech at the Summer University of Tosphanius in Romania when he made the controversial comments.

“we [Hungarians] They are not mixed race and we don’t want to become a mixed race,” Urban said.

also criticized European UnionA strategy in dealing with the war on Ukraine, which states that sanctions on Moscow were not working.

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“There is a need for a new strategy that focuses on peace talks and crafting a good peace proposal… rather than winning the war,” Orban said.

Orbán’s comments were greeted with anger across the continent and at MEPs.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban responds during a question and answer session of Parliament in Budapest, Hungary, March 30, 2020.
(Zoltan Mathe/MTI via AP)

“To all the ‘mixed-races’ in Hungary, whatever the meaning of this senseless outburst of racism: you may have a different skin tone, you may come from Europe or beyond – you are one of us, we are proud of you. Diversity strengthens a nation, not weakens it” This is what Catalin Cheh, Romanian MEP, said on Twitter.

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Alain Mituta, another Romanian politician, also took part in retweeting Che’s comments saying, “Talking about ‘racial purity,’ especially in a mixed region like Central and Eastern Europe, is an illusion and dangerous. So is Mr. Urban. Breaking news Mr. Urban, we all have our Mixed cultural and ethnic origins. This is one of the great traits of being European.”

Mitota also called Urban’s “signs of racial purity” a “stigma”.

“Hungary has a complex relationship with ethnicity and national identity because its language is unique and is not related to any other European language. So the drive to preserve its national identity is conceptual, not unique,” ​​Rebecca Kofler, Head of Doctrine and Strategy Consulting, told Fox News Digital.

“It’s a shame that politicians, like Orbán, have downplayed these complex issues and weaponized things like race. But on the other hand his opponents often distort and exaggerate what he says, for the same reason, to influence voters and followers,” Koffler continued.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivers his speech during a summit on immigration in Budapest, Hungary, March 23, 2019.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivers his speech during a summit on immigration in Budapest, Hungary, March 23, 2019.
(Tibor Ellis/MTI via AP)

Orbán has been candid in the past about it Anti-immigration The situation, with the prime minister challenging EU immigration law in December with a Hungarian law criminalizing lawyers and activists who help asylum seekers.

The prime minister has been campaigning on his “illiberal Hungary” platform since he announced his intention to build Hungary on the same idea in 2014.

“Victor Orbán is an exemplary politician who works (to appease) his base and gain new followers. His right-wing rhetoric targets his fellow citizens and other Europeans who are unhappy with the negative effects of globalization and liberal policies,” Koffler added.


Fox News reached out to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry and a spokesperson for the European Parliament for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

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