August 17, 2022

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‘Many’ homeless shot dead in Canada mass shooting

A white man in Carhartt coats and a camouflage shirt has been arrested for the shooting of several homeless people in British Columbia.

‘Many’ homeless shot dead in ‘targeted’ mass shooting at multiple locations in BC: suspect arrested

  • A number of homeless people were killed by active bullets in the city of Langley
  • The shooting took place shortly after 6 a.m. at multiple locations in Langley and one location in Langley Town
  • The arrested gunman was described as white with dark hair and wearing a brown Carhartt dress with a blue and green camouflage shirt.
  • Police believe he was targeting the city’s homeless

Several people were killed in a mass shooting early Monday morning, and a suspect is being held in the Canadian province of British Columbia, police said.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Langley confirmed that officers responded to scenes of shootings at multiple locations around Langley and the nearby town of Langley starting at 6am.

They described the gunman as a white man with dark hair wearing Carhartt coats and a blue and green camouflage shirt with a red logo on the sleeve. It is believed that he was traveling in a white car.

Police said he acted alone.

In the early morning hours of 25 July 2022, the RCMP Langley responded to multiple reports of shots fired with several victims and several different scenes throughout the town of Langley and one scene in the town of Langley. Out of extreme caution, an emergency alert has been issued so investigators can confirm the suspect was acting alone, according to Langley police.

A gunman who targeted the homeless killed several people in Langley, British Columbia

A gunman who targeted the homeless killed several people in Langley, British Columbia

A spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that several people had been killed, but did not specify how many.

The victims were homeless, and police believe the attack was a targeted attack, according to CBC.

Police did not immediately respond to phone calls and emails seeking comment.

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