September 29, 2023

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Hurricane Lee strengthens in Atlantic and waves threaten Caribbean islands: US issues “Whiskey Code” warning

Hurricane Lee strengthens in Atlantic and waves threaten Caribbean islands: US issues “Whiskey Code” warning
A satellite image shows Hurricane Lee in the central tropical Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday. (AP via NOAA)

He Hurricane Lee Thursday’s open water was choppy, as forecasters warned it could be The first is a Category 5 storm of the Atlantic season.

Lee was not expected to land on the expected route It will take you closer Northeast CaribbeanAlthough forecasters say tropical storm conditions are possible Some islands. Meteorologists said it was too early to give details on possible rainfall and strong winds.

The storm was 1,555 kilometers north of the islands Leeward. It had winds of 130 kmph and was moving in a west-northwest direction at a speed of 20 kmph, according to a recent press release. National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Lee’s position this Thursday morning and its expected track in the coming days (US National Hurricane Center / NOAA)

It was predicted that Lee would become A “very dangerous” high-intensity hurricane early Friday.

“The cyclonic environment appears ripe for rapid intensification”, said the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Forecast Wind Intensity (US National Hurricane Center / NOAA)

Life-threatening surf is expected to hit Lesser Antilles Friday and arrive British Virgin Islands and from the United States, Puerto Rico, SpanishThe Bahamas And this Bermuda This weekend, the center said.

The US Coast Guard in San Juan has been set up this Wednesday before the hurricane passes Code “Whiskey“To all ports Puerto Rico And this US Virgin Islands.

He Code “Whiskey” is an advisory to the maritime industry, meaning that precautions should be taken in the approach of a severe weather event, in this case Hurricane Lee.

The Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas cruise ship arrives at the port of San Juan, Puerto Rico (REUTERS/Alvin Baez/file)

In a statement, the Coast Guard recalled that you can Creates lasting wind And Cruise ships were advised to seek safe harbor.

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He also reminded Port facilities review and update their response plans Additional preparations should be made to adequately prepare for the severe weather and potential impact of storms in the area.

A “whiskey” status was established 72 hours before the threat of gale force winds, although all sea, port operations and shipping may continue until further notice.

Lee was the twelfth named storm Atlantic hurricane season, It runs from June 1 to November 30 and peaks in September.

In August, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) a Hurricane season in the Atlantic “above normal” Of the 14 to 21 tropical storms that form, 6 to 11 will be hurricanes, and 2 to 5 of these will likely become hurricanes of high intensity.

Lee’s creation comes after last Wednesday Powerful storm Italia They form a landslide in the north-west Florida and the southeastern US. Continued throughout.

Damage caused by Italia in Horseshoe Beach, Florida (REUTERS / Cheney Orr)

It contains peacefulHe Hurricane Joa Crossed the open water on the southwest coast Mexico Like a storm Type 5. It poses no threat to land.

It was located about 860 km southwest of the southern tip Lower California It was also gusting to 260 kmph and moving west-northwest at 26 kmph. The storm is expected to weaken from September onwards. The storm is expected to weaken by late Thursday.

(With information from AP and EFE)