October 3, 2023

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Lula’s sentence is a “montage” of lies Historic conviction by Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court

Lula’s sentence is a “montage” of lies  Historic conviction by Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court

By Dario Pignotti

From Brasilia

The Lava Jato cause is exposed. Federal Supreme Court The Brazilian came to a conclusion with a sentence published this Wednesday, the process of being guilty and jailed Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, Relied on defective evidence and was liable to a coverHeaded by a former judge Sergio Moro, responsible for various offences. Despite having the legal cooperation of the CIA.

In April 2018, five months before the election, then-presidential candidate Lula was arrested on a warrant. The first case was that of Morrow’s federal judge: an action that was “one of the greatest judicial errors in the history of the country.”, according to the Supreme Court decision. Indeed it is”Historical error“, the sentence continues, it was “A montage fruit of an electrical project certain public agents who aim to capture the State by ostensibly legal means, with unlawful methods and acts”.


The Court’s opinion referred to above summarizes the concept of “legislation” in two lines, namely the use of judicial means to wage political warfare. Morrow, with the complicity of ex-pros Delton Dallagnol, was used Lava Jato It was a cover-up to end Lula and rise with the Workers’ Party (PT). A review of archives from the period 2014-2018 (during the Lavajatista heyday) reveals that Moro’s political allies, including then-Sup. Jair BolsonaroThey proposed Classify the PT as a “criminal organization” which should be declared illegal.

Wrong source

Judge Jose Antonio Diaz TofoliThe author of this judgment of the Supreme Court positions those responsible for Lava Jato in their desire to end Lula. They used the typical methods of “military dictatorship” to obtain reward denunciations Various executives of construction giant Odebrecht. Because of this illegality, all these confessions were declared null and void.

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Clean hands

Moreau often cited the case of Manos Limbias (Money Bullet) as his jurisprudential model. The project was launched in Italy in the early 1990s against corruption between construction companies and political parties, mainly the now-defunct Christian Democracy. He even went so far as to write an article about the process and organize events with Italian prosecutors, perhaps to present his film in Brazil and abroad.

Such parallels between Brazilian and Italian processes Former prosecutor Gerardo Colombo, one of those responsible for Manos Limbias, denied, this reporter interviewed twice in Milan. According to Colombo, there is a fundamental difference between these cases: none of the lawyers in Italy joined the government. Silvio BerlusconiEmerging in 1994 from the ruins of the political system, Moro agreed to be the Minister of Justice and Public Security under President Bolsonaro, the direct beneficiary of Lula’s imprisonment and virtual impeachment.

Moro and Bolsonaro

Moro, including the Supreme Court, has pressed to prevent Lula from regaining his independence and from taking part in the election campaign against Bolsonaro, who, according to most polls two months after the election, led him by between 15 and 20 points. October 2018 election. Those concrete political actions “are part of what still needs to be investigated.” The lawyer said Luis Carlos da RochaMember of the legal team that assisted the PT leader during his 580 days in prison in a Federal Police isolation cell in Curitiba.

But that’s not all. In addition to manipulating the electoral process from his office as a federal judge to pave Bolsonaro’s path to the Planaldo Palace, Moro, the character most recognized by public opinion at the time, instigated a speech with extremist characteristics. An anti-radical left, even anti-progressive, combined with a disdain for politics.

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Judge Toffoli continued in a ruling released Wednesday Moro’s animosity and rhetoric against Lula is “a veritable serpent’s egg of (future) attacks on democracy and institutions.” In other words: the former judge played a pedagogic role in propagating the far-right position that Bolsonarismo later mounted. A Bolsonaroism is still ingrained in the minds and hearts of millions of Brazilians.

US cooperation

As seen in this paper, the Supreme Court ruling has the potential to defuse the bomb: its legal ramifications are a virtual lava jato death certificate and political: adding more arguments to bidders. Senator Morrow’s impeachment helps open more than one case in the first judicial instance. Taking that into account, this hypothesis doesn’t seem far-fetched Lava Jato’s number two, ex-lawyer Tallaghnoll, was recently fired.

PT sources cited by the UOL portal said the Supreme Court ruling cited “signs of irregular cooperation between Moro and the CIA”. “So, did the CIA have help in harming Lula?” The PT members, who have already started developing a judicial strategy, ask the retired judge.