January 27, 2023

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“I do not want children, they must respect me”, the actress who underwent surgery on the fallopian tubes at the age of 24!

It was revealed by an actress from Los Angeles through Tick Tock At age 16, she decided not to have children. Because it was a responsibility she did not want to accept. From then on, the young woman began her relentless search Medical care should be contraindicated Until the age of 24 he achieved his goal: “I finally saw a doctor who listened to me!”The teen celebrated.

Abi RamseyWho received a religious education, he said Birth control methods They made her “sick” and created an immediate rejection, which was compounded by the “extreme fear that she had foreign objects in her,” which she too rejected. IUDs.

Also, the young actress was scared Have sex Because condoms are not 100% effective. Since then, the young man has decided I wanted to be infertile And sought medical assistance for that purpose.

The actress, who shared her experience on TikTok, admitted that she has suffered from “very bad and very painful” times.

One by one, the professionals who received his request rejected it on one pretext “Unnecessary procedure”. With the same argument, doctors recommended teens “Treat” Resolve your concerns.

Abi Ramsay, Recognized Actress Homosexuality and Homosexuality It took 6 years to find a doctor who wanted to intervene.. On February 4, Abby underwent a bilateral salpingoctomy (removal of the fallopian tubes) and removal of the endometrial, i.e., a layer of the lining of her uterus was removed.

Abi Ramsey

“I’m not a babysitter”

Following the success of the surgery, the actress shared her experience at Dictok earlier this year with a video she received. More than three million views Since it was released in February.

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“After six years of trying …I finally saw a doctor who listened to me! It’s for everyone who does not. “Abby provocatively declared, “happy about her new life”.

“I’m interested in controlling my own body. I’m not a babysitter.”The young woman was proud of her infertility and was unaware of the criticisms made by some users who did not accept her decision.


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