February 24, 2024

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“I'm a mother”: Ilaria Aimé, the woman who pulled Tina Polwarte by her hair; His younger son was killed in the Ayacucho Massacre

“I'm a mother”: Ilaria Aimé, the woman who pulled Tina Polwarte by her hair;  His younger son was killed in the Ayacucho Massacre
President Tina Polwarte was attacked in Ayacucho when a woman insulted him and pulled his hair. Video: Chanel N

Ilaria AimThe woman who pulled the president's hair this Saturday Tina Polwartemother Christopher RamosA 15-year-old shot in the heart during the Ayacucho massacre. The fourth force After the attack, Aimé released unreleased footage of the moment she was confronted by a group of police officers.

“What the f**k, I'm drunk. “I'm a mother, a mother, a mother who raised her son, that miserable thing is over,” she yelled at the agents. She and Ruth ParsenaThe widow of another who died in the crackdown reached the President to confront him, bypassing security measures.

Although the government has announced that it has “correctly identified” them and that “they are being caught”, it has so far not identified them or linked the attack to the deaths in the protests, Bolovarte reported.

Christopher Ayacucho made a living at the cemetery: he arranged flowers, climbed high places to clean graves or washed vases. In mid-December 2022, Alfredo Mendeville was shot in the back while crossing an avenue in Huamanga, near a cemetery bordering the airport.

That day's crackdown, according to videos and press inquiries, lasted at least seven hours and ended the lives of nine Ayacucho residents. AimA worker who prepares and sells food on the street still has the clothes in which his son was killed.

“Those are the cameras [de vigilancia] They recorded how my son was killed by a dog. My son always worked. If I didn't go to the cemetery, I went to the farms. Not what they call a gang member or a terrorist. He has no tattoos or anything on his body. “He is an innocent child,” the mother said in a clip released by the Association for Human Rights (APRODEH).

In October 2023, the Public Ministry opened a new tax file to investigate Army Lt. Col. Jimmy Alex Vengoa BellottaSaid to be the direct author of the crimes of two victims of that bloody day, including Aimé's son.

The soldier is being tried for treasonable murder against a backdrop of grave human rights violations. According to the lawyer Juan Jose GuispeThe Institute of Legal Defense (IDL) — which helps the bereaved — is the first case in which a prosecutor's office has allegedly taken direct action against a uniformed individual.

Prime Minister Alberto Otterola spoke about the aggression against President Tina Bolavarte in Ayacucho. Video: Chanel N

The occupation of Ilaria Aimé and Ruth Bárcena, which has so far produced the relaxation of the entire bodyguards of the President, the dismissal of the Directorate of National Intelligence (DINI), General PNP (r) Roger Arista; and general elimination assessment George AnguloChief of the National Police (PNP).

Alberto Otterola, the prime minister, noted that “the change will be announced today” because “there are responsibilities” because all security measures against the ruler have failed, as he returned to Ayacucho for the first time since anti-government protests. It was rejected by family members and people groups who protested the death.

During his address, he said that ideologies propagated “in a minority way” do not feed poverty but “only create misery, backwardness, sorrow and pain”.

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“That is why we are here, to lay the first stone in the concrete works that will change the face of our comrades so that, with joy, the brothers of Ayacucho can have life and health,” he said, applauded by another large group. That too following your visit.