June 19, 2024

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In Berlin, Alberto Fernandez proposed food and energy for Europe in the aftermath of the war.

In Berlin, Alberto Fernandez proposed food and energy for Europe in the aftermath of the war.

Alberto Fernandez called the war between Russia and Ukraine “immoral”

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At his second stop in Europe, the president Alberto Fernandez held his first bilateral meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholes in Berlin this Wednesday.He described Argentina as a “reliable partner”, calling on the Argentine president to “find an answer and a way out” to the war in Ukraine, and to provide Argentina with opportunities to provide food and energy.

At a meeting of German government headquarters in Berlin just minutes before the meeting from Madrid, the two leaders acknowledged that the effects of the war were having an impact on rising international food and energy prices. All over the world.

“It is good to know that Argentina is a reliable partner for Germany.”Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor

During the meeting, Fernandez was thanked for German support for the agreement with the IMF, and the president showed the Social Democratic Chancellor – Angela Merkel’s successor – statistics on the country’s economic recovery.

“It is good to know that Argentina is a reliable ally of Germany. We both agree on condemning Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. I salute the President’s decision to stand by the victims, “the German Chancellor said in a statement issued after the meeting.

“We agree with Russia’s condemnation of this heinous act of aggression.

Fernandez and Scholes give details of the meeting to the press / AFP photo.

For his part, Fernandez said “The aftermath of the war is echoed around the world, especially in Latin America and other developing countries. Food prices have risen as much as energy prices. This affects not only the problem of Russia and NATO, but the whole world. A ceasefire is needed, which must be achieved in the forum for discussion. “

According to Scholz, the war will have “many years of consequences” for Ukraine, and Russia has called for the withdrawal of its troops from the occupied territories, and in this sense he stressed that the efforts of the international community “should be”. Focused on that feeling “.

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As pro-presidential leader of the Society of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), he said, “War is a problem of great concern to me because it has a negative impact on our continent. Security, food and energy are at risk.”

“This is not a conflict between NATO and Russia, it extends beyond those boundaries and affects the whole world.”Alberto Fernandez

“This is not a conflict between NATO and Russia, it affects the whole world beyond those limits,” Fernandez warned: “We must look for ways to end this life-threatening war as soon as possible.

Among the definite concessions to the region, The head of state of Argentina today recalled that the country is “a reservoir that the world is currently demanding: food and energy”.

As for hydrocarbons, he stressed that Argentina has the second largest extraordinary gas reserves: “We want to serve to supply the world with liquefied gas, and we have a great opportunity to work with Germany,” he said. The development of the Green Hydrogen plant and the blue hydrogen projects of the gas companies are also mentioned.

We agree with condemnation of Russia's brutal occupation, said Scholz Photo Presidency.
“We agree with Russia’s condemnation of this brutal aggression,” said Schlz / Photo: Presidency

As for the sanctions imposed on Russia, Scholes felt that they were trying to find a way to convince Russia to stop its occupation, while sanctions on Fernandez “have a negative impact on the world.”

“The worst thing that can happen is a return to the bipartisan plan. International organizations must act to reach an understanding. The G-20 will help explain to Russia that this war is not convenient for the world“When asked if the Argentine president would support sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s government for leaving the international arena, he said:

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During a meeting in Spain on Tuesday, The President thanked Argentina and Germany for reaching an agreement with the International Monetary Fund As well as “sensitive work” towards other countries.

“I am pleased with the agreement reached. We celebrate the tremendous efforts made by Argentina to implement this plan,” the German Chancellor said in a statement.

In addition, he expressed his “interest in cooperating with German companies in overseeing their operations in Argentina” and welcomed the “ongoing dialogue between the Argentine government and several German companies”.

Another issue raised at the meeting was the interest in advancing the delayed free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur: “The important thing is to move forward. We must start by reaching cultural and scientific agreements. We must not be on the issue of protectionism. We must deepen our ties,” Fernandez said.

In another decree, the head of state expressed to the German president “his desire and desire to reach an agreement with the Paris Club, which is another problem inherited from us” and guaranteed “equal treatment for Argentine debtors”.

The President and the Chancellor first shared a personal audienceThen they had a long meeting with their entourage.

Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro, who represented Argentina; General Secretaries to the President, Julio Vitobello; Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Belize; And International Economic Relations, Cecilia Dodosca Poko; Spokesman Gabriel Cerutti; And Argentine Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany Pedro Villagra Delcado.

Georg Cookies, Secretary of State for Economic, Financial and Climate Policy to Germany and Sherpa of the G7 and G20; Foreign Policy and Security Adviser, Jens Plotner; And Stephen Meyer, Director General of the Department of Economics and Monetary Policy; Among others.

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Kafiro: “Everyone must work to achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine”

In Berlin, Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro said in the wake of the war in Ukraine that “we must all work together to achieve a ceasefire” and reaffirmed that “the rise in food and energy prices creates a new concern”.

“This is not just a war between Russia and Ukraine or Russia and NATO. It includes a European presidential tour.

In this context, he assured that “there is no doubt about Argentina’s position on this issue,” adding that sanctions against Russia were not discussed during the bilateral meeting between the two leaders.

“The effects of war are already part of the global agenda and part of those effects are sanctions, which affect other economies or their supply chains,” warned Palacio San Martin.

Kafiro said, like other issues discussed at the meeting, the central banks’ plans for Northern Europe were analyzed to deal with the war-torn inflation.

In this context, Fernandez told the German Chancellor, “If it is a historic move to raise rates, it will affect economic activity, bring recession and severely affect our region’s emerging markets.”

“Instead, he proposed to consolidate the policies of the central banks so that they go to finance growth and distribution, and not stifle economic growth in this way,” Kafiro explained.

At the meeting, on the other hand, Germany promised to strengthen the mechanism of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, in which Argentina will soon be president.