February 2, 2023

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India vs Sri Lanka match summary: Sri Lanka beat India by six wickets, Rohit Sharma India’s team is on the brink of Oster.

India vs Sri Lanka match summary: Sri Lanka beat India by six wickets, Rohit Sharma India's team is on the brink of Oster.

India-Sri Lanka match summary: Bhanuka Rajapaksa scored 25, not 17.© AFP

India and Sri Lanka, AFC Asian Cup 2022, highlights: Sri Lanka beat India by six wickets in the Super 4 match between the two sides at Dubai International Stadium on Tuesday. Bhanuka Rajapaksa (25 not out) and Dasun Shanaka (33 not out) forged a 64-year partnership for the fifth wicket to skip Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Kosal Mendes was Sri Lanka’s top scorer with 57 points. Pathum Nissanka has also helped the team’s cause with his 52 ways. For India, Yuzvendra Chahal was the bowler’s pick with numbers of 3 against 34. Earlier, India scored 173 for 8 on the board, thanks to Rohit Sharma’s 72 hit 41 hit. The fifties of the flamboyant Rohit Sharma set a solid platform for India but the side failed to achieve most of it as Sri Lanka rushed the spurs at regular intervals after the departure of the Indian captain. Dilshan Madushanka claimed three wickets, while Chamika Karunaratne and Dasun Shanaka claimed two wickets each. Sri Lanka captain Chanaka won the toss and chose to run first in the match. (scorecard)

Playing India XI: Kuala Lumpur Rahul, Rohit Sharma (c), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant (week), Deepak Hooda, Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bovneshwar Kumar, Yuzvendra Chahal, Arshdeep Singh

Eleventh play in Sri Lanka: Pathum Nisanka, Kosal Mendes (week), Sharith Asalanka, Dhanushka Junathilaka, Bhanukka Rajapaksa, Dason Chanaka (c), Wanindu Hsaranga, Shamika Karunaratne, Mahesh Thikchana, Acitha Fernando, Dilshan Madushanka

Asian Cup highlights from India vs Sri Lanka match, live from Dubai International Cricket Stadium, Dubai

  • 23:35 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    IND vs. SL: It’s a wrap!

    Well guys! That’s it from this match. Hope you liked our coverage. For more sports action, keep following NDTV Sports.

  • 23:20 (Pacific Time)

    India and Sri Lanka: What happened to the penultimate ball?

    Arshdeep Singh had beaten Shanaka but Sri Lankan speculators managed to take a couple as Pant failed to hit the logs before Arshdeep, who received Pant’s throw, tried to run out Shanaka at the other end but his throw also missed the logs and the hits ended the second round as well.

  • 23:16 (Indochina time)

    Live score: Sri Lanka win!!!

    Sri Lanka won the match by 6 wickets.

    SL 174/4 (19.5)

  • 23:14 (PST)

    Live score: Sri Lanka needs 2 on 2 balls

    Do we have a game here? Sri Lanka is still not finished. They need 2 by 2 balls.

    SL 172/4 (19.4)

  • 23:13 (Pacific Time)

    India vs Sri Lanka: Good run! You need SL 3 on 3 balls

    The duo of Rajapaksa and Chanaka steal a double and Sri Lanka only needs 3 times to win the same number of balls. This is their game to lose from here.

    SL 171/4 (19.3)

  • 23:11 (PST)

    Live Cricket Score: Great Yorker! You need SL 6 in 5 balls

    Archdeep threw straight into Rajapaksa pit. Can he make the match fun?

    SL 168/4 (19.1)

  • 23:09 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    Live score: Sri Lanka needs 7 out of 6 balls

    14 runs knocked out last time for Bovneshwar Kumar and that leaves only 7 runs to defend Arshdeep Singh in the final finish. deja vu!

    SL 167/4 (19)

  • 23:07 (international summer time)

    India vs Sri Lanka: Four!

    This is poor bowling of bhuvneshwar kumar. It became very predictable. Shanaka knew he was going to have a full ball on the other side and was ready for it. Bhuvi made a full throw and made making batter easy.

    SL 161/4 (18.3)

  • 23:04 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    Direct score: Sri Lanka needs 21 out of 12

    12 rounds of Hardik Pandya and this match appears to be tilting in Sri Lanka’s favour now. They need 21 by 12 more balls. Bovneshwar will be cruising in 19th place. here we are!

    SL 153/4 (18)

  • 23:02 (international summer time)

    Live cricket score: SIX!

    A short ball of Hardik on Shanaka’s body and the Sri Lankan captain pulled her for a six on the beautiful leg.

    SL 152/4 (17.5)

  • 23:01 (international summer time)

    India vs Sri Lanka: Lucky Frontier!

    Dasun Shanaka had an advantage on Hardik Pandya’s ball but the ball flew to the right of goalkeeper Pant for four. Sri Lanka needs 28 by 15.

    SL 146/4 (17.3)

  • 22:59 (international summer time)

    Direct score: Sri Lanka needs 33 to 18

    Ladies and gentlemen, here’s another thriller from the Asian Cup. Sri Lanka needs 33 in 18 balls. One might say they have 6 wickets on hand and therefore they have an advantage, but India has made a good comeback in recent overs and that’s what keeps them alive in the game.

    SL 141/4 (17)

  • 22:54 (international summer time)

    India vs Sri Lanka Score: Four!

    Dason Chanaka shoots 4 and Sri Lanka now needs 37 more to win with 22 balls.

    SL 137/4 (16.2)

  • 22:52 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    Live cricket score: Sri Lanka need 42 in 24

    This match is headed toward the wire. Sri Lanka needs 10.5 runs each over here.

    SL 132/4 (16)

  • 22:49 (IST)

    Cricket Score: SIX!

    Rajapaksa hits sixth place in his five-ball innings. He is not afraid to confront the Indian gazelles and gets rewards for his bravery. Sri Lanka needs 47 more in 28.

    SL 127/4 (15.2)

  • 22:46 (international daylight saving time)

    Cricket Score: SIX!

    Chahal called Rajapaksa to go down to the city center to take him towards the longer side of the border, but the south door easily removed the ropes for six.

    SL 120/4 (15)

  • 22:43 (Pacific Time)

    India vs Sri Lanka Score: WICKET! Mendes leaves for 57

    Kosal Mendes was trapped in front of tree trunks by Yosvendra Chahal. The referee raised his finger but the hitter decided to go upstairs to miss the review.

    SL 110/4 (14.1)

  • 22:39 (Pacific Time)

    India vs Sri Lanka: WICKET! jonathilaka gold

    Ashwin kicks Danushka Gunathilaka and looks at Virat Kohli, he’s snarling and running on the ground, he knows the value of this wicket. Jonathilaka hit the ball directly into the hands of the far player.

    SL 110/3 (13.5)

  • 22:34 (PST)

    India vs. Sri Lanka: Fifty vs. Kusal Mendes!

    A beautiful Kusal Mendis top for four and with it, he’s racing until his 50s. Mendes is key to Sri Lanka from now on and it will be really fun to see how he crafts his roles from here.

    SL 104/2 (12.4)

  • 22:28 (international daylight saving time)

    India vs Sri Lanka Score: WICKET! India is back in the game

    Shahal hit again! He’s got a small share of the new mix, Charith Asalanka. The game has begun!

    SL 97/2 (11.4)

  • 22:25 (international daylight saving time)

    India vs Sri Lanka Score: WICKET! Nissanka is located at 52

    Chahal got the share of Batum Nisanka. The hitter played a straight pass into the hands of Rohit Sharma at a back point.

    SL 97/1 (11.1)

  • 22:17 (IST)

    Cricket Score: Fifty for Nissanka!

    One song, The Fifty, by Pathum Nisanka. He got there in just 33 balls. What a turn this was a right-handed hitter!

    SL 88/0 (9.3)

  • 22:13 (Pacific Time)

    India & Sri Lanka Live: SIX!

    It’s raining a boundary at the moment. Nissanka played a great pass for six people.

    SL 82/0 (8.3)

  • 22:09 (international summer time)

    Ind vs SL: SIX!

    Oh! This is a nice inside-out shot of the Kusal Mendis for Six over an extra flap.

    SL 70/0 (7.2)

  • 22:08 (international summer time)

    Cricket Live Score: Ashwin enters the attack

    This is the eighth and India has introduced the fifth bowler. This tells you how tough Sri Lakan’s opening has been so far in these roles.

    SL 63/0 (7)

  • 22:01 (international summer time)

    India & Sri Lanka Live: SIX!

    This is a kind of attack from Sri Lanka. Kosal Mendes danced on the track to Chahal and slammed him for six long distances.

    SL 56/0 (5.4)

  • 22:00 (Indochina time)

    Asian Cup 2022: Four!

    Take it! There wasn’t much turn around from Chahal and Nissanka slammed it for four on the other side.

    SL 49/0 (5.1)

  • 21:58 (international summer time)

    India & Sri Lanka Live: SIX!

    This is a wonderful hit from Sri Lanka. Their opening targets are targeting Arshdeep Singh and so far they have succeeded. This time, Kusal Mendis hits a six deep in the middle of the wicket.

    SL 43/0 (4.5)

  • 21:57 (international summer time)

    Asian Cup 2022: Four!

    It has hit the Nissanka 4 in a long-range direction and this is Archdeep Singh’s second continuous frontier.

    SL 36/0 (4.3)

  • 21:51 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    India & Sri Lanka Live: SIX!

    In the slot from Hardik Pandya and Pathum Nissanka slam her to the ground for six.

    SL 23/0 (3.2)

  • 21:48 (India time)

    Asian Cup 2022: Four!

    After getting past the ball twice, Pathum Nisanka finally got one from the middle of his racket. Play a bouncing shot in the middle of the field for four.

    SL 16/0 (2.4)

  • 21:46 (international summer time)

    Asian Cup 2022: Four!

    Arshdeep Singh tried to follow Pathum Nissanka but the ball went too far down the side of the leg and Nissanka shot it comfortably for a four in the direction of the beautiful leg.

    SL 9/0 (2)

  • 21:41 (IST)

    India vs Sri Lanka live: Round two is underway

    Only one of Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s first-round throws was run. Pathum Nisanka played all of them, while Kosal Mendes remained at the other end.

    SL 1/0 (1)

  • 21:28 (international summer time)

    AFC Asian Cup 2022: India after 173/8

    Two passes on the last ball and India set 174 goals for Sri Lanka.

    IND 173/8 (20)

  • 21:26 (international summer time)

    India & Sri Lanka Live: SIX!

    It came from the middle of Ashwin’s bat. She was in the slot and Ashwin made sure she was sent to the stands. India crosses the mark of 170 runs.

    IND 171/8 (19.5)

  • 21:24 (international summer time)

    AFC Asian Cup 2022: WICKET!

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been cleaned by Chamika Karunaratne.

    IND 164/8 (19.3)

  • 21:19 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    IND vs SL LIVE Score: WICKET!

    Someone else fought sand! Rishabh Pant leaves for 17 innings and this is Madhushanka’s second wicket on his last finish. Such a great return from Sri Lanka!

    IND 160/7 (18.4)

  • 21:16 (IST)

    AFC Asian Cup 2022: WICKET! Hooda . has been cleaned

    Deepak Hooda was thrown by Dilshan Madushanka for 3 4 rounds. Hoda passed through the logs to create space for himself on the leg side, but Madhushanka shook the logs to finish his innings.

    IND 157/6 (18.1)

  • 21:10 (Pacific Time)

    IND vs SL Live Score: No-ball!

    Dasun Shanaka got a small gate from Deepak Hooda but the goalkeeper eventually turned out not to be playing the ball and Hooda got a timeout.

    IND 151/5 (17.3)

  • 21:08 (IST)

    India vs Sri Lanka live: Hardik’s exit!

    Hardik Pandya punches one hole to Fielder in depth and leaves for 17 of 13 balls. Dason Chanaka got his leg up and trailed India by five times.

    IND 149/5 (17.3)

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