October 2, 2023

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Infobae in kyiv: “I want Pope Francis to come and stop the humanitarian corridors,” Zelensky told a news conference.

Infobae in kyiv: “I want Pope Francis to come and stop the humanitarian corridors,” Zelensky told a news conference.
Infobae in kyiv: Zelensky talks about Pope Francis

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr ZhelenskyHe invited international journalists to a conference Infobe Consulted on the role Pope Francisco In the conflict, Russia was criticized a few weeks ago for refusing to directly condemn it.“I want Pope Francis to come to Queue to stop the humanitarian corridors in Mariupol,” he assured Infobae.

“It simply came to our notice then. There are some signs but we are waiting. We are waiting for him, because he has a mission appointed by God, and many trust him, “said the President of Ukraine.

According to Gelensky, every time Francis prays or talks about the dramatic situation of the Ukrainians, he expresses his support. “I’m grateful for that,” he added.

“I want Pope to come to Queue. We have met in the past. I ask for your support in helping the besieged Mariupol and in the ceasefire to save lives,” he stressed when asked if he had spoken to Francisco.

However, Gelensky did not disclose if he had spoken to Francisco since Russia launched its offensive, but said he knew him. “I think he has to fight for every person,” he said.

International media at the press conference of the President of Ukraine (Credit: Franco Fafazuli)

Only the one who started this war can end it.Zhelensky said when asked about possible talks with Putin. “I have been insisting from the beginning that we should hold talks with the President of the Russian Federation, because I believe that any meeting with mediators will not have the desired effect.”. And when he was asked about the possibility of being assassinated, he stated categorically: “I am not afraid to meet or kill Putin”.

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The president also said that the US Secretary of State would visit Ukraine this Sunday. Anthony Blingen. “U.S. officials will visit us tomorrow: I will meet with the Secretary of Defense [Lloyd Austin] And with Anthony BlingenThis is the first official visit by members of the US government since February 24.

Zhelensky responded to questions about whether members of the informal Russian-Ukrainian negotiating team were afraid to meet with Putin because they were experiencing signs of poisoning.Assassination attempts”; And said his security team and family were concerned about this, but he could not stay. “I am not afraid of meeting the President or about assassination attempts”, He insisted.

Zhelensky spoke to international reporters in Kiev
Zhelensky spoke to international reporters in Kiev

I have no right to be afraid because our people have shown that they are not afraid of anything. They are afraid for their children, it is true, but people stopped the tubs with their hands”, He continued.

Then he said his country A giant Mariupol Steelworks will drop talks with Russia if Moscow kills Ukrainian soldiers.

If our people are killed in Mariupol and called a referendum in the Kherson region, Ukraine will withdraw from the whole negotiation process.Zhelensky insisted.

Earlier, the head of state of Ukraine insisted on it Equipping Ukrainian troops with the necessary weapons is the highest priority of the stateWhen Thanked its allies for their supportHe noted that the invasion of Ukraine was just the beginning and that was all Russia wants to invade other countries.

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Every morning, every day, every afternoon, we are still very focused on providing our soldiers with all the weapons they need.Zhelensky was quoted by the agency. ukrinformIn a video message.

He added: “This is task number one“To the state.

I thank all our partners who finally listened to us and gave us what we asked forWe know for a fact that these weapons can save the lives of thousands of people, and we can show that the day is coming when the occupiers will have to leave Ukraine, ”he said.

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