March 23, 2023

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Invaders can’t be satisfied with hiring Josh McDaniels

Invaders can't be satisfied with hiring Josh McDaniels

During the first two months of the NFL season, no coach had more blasts than Nathaniel Hackett. Denver Broncos. Not even Matt Rhule and Carolina Panthers I already separated it.

Well, let’s take a look at the bottom of the West Asia ranking after week eight, shall we?

Denver Broncos from Hackett: 3-5
Josh McDaniels Las Vegas Raiders: 2-5

Maybe we need to turn at least some of Hackett’s jokes and slanders on to McDaniels, who is having a bad time so far in his second round as head coach. If we go by records, Hackett has done better than McDaniels this season. You just haven’t heard much about how bad McDaniels is.

The Raiders were lukewarm on Sunday in a 24-0 loss to A New Orleans Saints The team that came with a 2-5 record and was without receiving Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry And the fore-corner Marshawn Lattimore. The Raiders trailed 17-0 in the first half and showed no signs of life. Derek Carr passed 43 yards in the first half against a Saints defense that struggled most of the season. Only to show that the first half wasn’t a fluke, the shifters came out flat in the second half and immediately gave up a long touchdown to Alvin Camara. Carr took a lot of the penalty and was substituted in the fourth quarter. It’s not like it’s a competitive game.

Invaders should not be 2-5. They were a winning team 10 wins last season, and then they added Davant Adams off season. Perhaps the raiders should have kept Rich Bisachia. Bisachia lost five defeats in 12 games as interim Raiders coach last season. McDaniels has five in his first seven. The Raiders had a little luck last season and a little unlucky this season. But some of the bad luck for the changers this season is their record in close matches, and some of that is coaching.

NFL owners couldn’t let go of the idea that McDaniels would be a great coach. They didn’t quit on him after he totally bombed with the Broncos many years ago. They didn’t cross him off the list after he told Indianapolis Colts He was going to take their job but backed out before getting on the plane for his introductory press conference. Everyone ignored that all of Bill Belichick’s assistants had failed as head coaches, and McDaniels had already failed once.

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Raiders owner Mark Davis wanted it, and with new General Manager Dave Ziegler he turned Raiders into patriots the West. can succeed. McDaniels is a smart offensive mind, even if Carr is having a much worse season than last year despite adding Adams. Any new system takes time to find the right pieces to fit exactly what they want to do. But so far, it doesn’t look better than McDaniels’ time in Denver. The Raiders have been one of the most disappointing teams in the NFL, and Sunday’s fiasco in New Orleans should draw attention to that fact.

McDaniels won his first six games as a coach in 2009 with Denver. He’s 7-22 as head coach ever since.

Carr should have done better with McDaniels, the mastermind of the attack. it’s not. The Raiders had a chance to build on the playoff dock last season. they do not have. Las Vegas should have a lot of hope going forward with a new coach who has been hailed as a genius for many years.

should not be. Not now anyway.

Josh McDaniels and the Raiders suffered an embarrassing loss to Saints on Sunday. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Here are the rest of the winners and losers from Week 8 of the NFL season:

The winners

Bill Belichick: Whoever wrote off Belichick this week should have known that they were only doing Punchline for Sunday, right?

The Patriots looked bad in Monday night’s loss to Chicago Bears, but it’s really not like Belichick forgot how to train. was going to eat Zach WilsonLunch in the eighth week. Everyone knows it, or should take it.

The Patriots defeated Planes 22-17 on Sunday. Belichick overtook George Halas with his 325th win after qualifying, and is now alone in second place on the all-time list. Wilson had a lot of empty calorie yards, but he also threw three interceptions that turned the game. The Patriots’ offense still isn’t consistent, and it may not be this season, but New England is more than capable of winning games.

It’s an annual event in the NFL when the Patriots lose a game or two and everyone piles on Belichick. Then the next game he puts him in a clinic. It can now be predicted.

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AJ Brown and Howie Rosman: Now again, why did he Tennessee Titans Trade Brown Away?

The simple answer is that they completely misread the explosive receiver market, but the other answer is that they misread. Brown is having a great season and he had another big day on Sunday. He had three touchdowns and Philadelphia Eagles He improved to 7-0 with a 35-13 victory over Pittsburgh Steelers.

Brown had 156 yards in the win. He helped turn the Eagles from a good team to the best in NFC. The Titans are doing well this season as well. But they would be much better with Brown in the squad. Ask Philadelphia.

6-1 Minnesota Vikings: Vikings don’t always look good, but they win.

The Vikings put another win on the board and a little more space between them and Green Bay Packers With a 34-28 victory over Arizona Cardinals. They held out three different drives in the final eight minutes with an eight-point lead, had an interception, a fourth down stop, and a few sacks that ran out of clock.

Is Minnesota really one of the top five teams in the NFL? Maybe not. But it doesn’t matter all that much. They win, which is something most of the rest of NFC can’t say. They are now comfortably ahead of the Packers, who were 3-4 coming in in Week 8, which is more than enough good news for the first half of the season.


Dan Campbell: It’s getting worse in 2022 Detroit LionsAt some point, Campbell’s job security will be called into question.

The Lions led twice by 14 points Miami DolphinThey did not maintain this progress until the fourth quarter. Dolphins who are 5-0 in the games that Toa Tagoviloa Starts and ends, came back to defeat the Lions 31-27. The Lions had a chance to come up late, but a fourth pass and one pass were incomplete and that was it.

Lions seem to be the kind of team that quickly folds when there’s any adversity. It has happened several times this season. Campbell’s Rah Rah character should help prevent this, but that hasn’t happened yet. The Lions keep losing, and the season that held some hope before it started was a nightmare. The Lions went 3-13-1 last season. They are 1-6 this season. We’ll have to start wondering how many winnings Campbell needs to collect to feel safe for 2023.

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Cowboys in Dallas Deniers: A popular conversation recently centered on who is the fourth best team in the NFL after InvoicesAnd the the Eagles And the headsor the second best team in NFC.

It’s amazing how many people don’t want to say cowboys.

Dallas 6-2 and now, you need to give up his bad season or 1 ugly week loss for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cowboys are good. really good.

Dallas Chicago Bears demolished Sunday 49-29. Tony Pollard He had a huge game instead of injured Ezekiel Elliot. He had a total of 147 yards and three touchdowns. Micah Parsons Score a goal after recovering from fussiness and quarterback bears Justin Fields He made big obstacles above him to avoid touching him. The defense could have been better on Sunday but that’s an exaggeration. The Cowboys took another dominant win.

People may want to claim an extension giantsAnd the Bengals Or another random team that is the fourth best in the NFL, but that means they haven’t paid enough attention to the Cowboys.

Trevor Lawrence: At some point, Urban Meyer just isn’t up for the conversation about Lawrence anymore.

Yes, Meyer was a disaster last season and didn’t help Lawrence in the junior season. But Mayer did not unjustifiably intercept the goal line Justin Simmons Sunday in London. Not that Meyer, with the match still on the line with 1:43 remaining against the Denver Broncos, immediately threw an inaccurate captured pass to practically end the game. 21-17 Broncos lose.

Lawrence was supposed to be a star for Jaguar (2-6). However, starting 25 years in his career, he used to be a high-quality game director. He had 133 yards passed in a loss on Sunday. The Bronco’s defense is very good. But Lawrence was supposed to be, too. And it isn’t, at least not yet. We have to stop blaming Meyer for that.