March 23, 2023

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Is the import festival happening all over the country as Christina says at Santa Fe?

Province in 2021 Santa Fe Registration Imports The total amount (of the five customs offices it holds) is $ 5,977.8 million. This is 53.8% more than what was imported in the previous year. In December last year, overseas purchases reached $ 463.7 million; 75.4% more compared to the same month of 2020

As trade links were lower in 2020 and 2019, an increase in isolation due to epidemics could be seen as some explanation. However, the amount of imports in the province of Santa Fe recorded in 2021 was not only higher than the previous year, which was severely affected by the epidemic. This is the largest in the last eleven years.

This is according to official data released by Santa Fe (IPEC)’s provincial statistics and census firm on imports of its customs report.


The data gain popularity after the Vice President’s definitions Christina Fernandez de Kirchner did it last Monday. In the action of the CTA, Christina condemned it in Argentina “Import Festival is on” And asked the Central Bank to improve the pronunciation between AFIP and Customs so that there would be less invoice in case of export or more invoice in case of import.

Thus, through San Lorenzo customs, imports, valued at a total of $ 3,351.8 million in 2021, entered 51.4 percent higher than the previous year.

The second of importance Rosary bellsIt recorded purchases of $ 2,110.7 million (up 45.8 percent).

Follow the habits Constitution Villa, With an increase of 177.9% ($ 379.3 million) during the January-December period; Santa Fe, 44.7% increase ($ 72.7 million) in accumulation in 2021 and RaphaelWith an increase of 60.3% ($ 63.3 million).

What Will Santa Fe import in 2021?

The main product imported by all the customs departments in the province during the period January-December 2021 is soybeans, which, excluding cultivation, accounted for 43.8% of the provincial imports. To make it clearTo import Soy Reached record levels in 2021. The biggest purchases were the result of a fall in local oil seed production, Due to the drought recorded in the spring months of last year in the production areas. Purchases are often made at the Argentine processing plant (which does not contain raw materials) located in the Greater Rosario area.

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More than or equal to 8 mm but less than or equal to 18 mm, it is followed by aggregation through the process of belladonnament, which accounts for 5.6% of the province’s imports. Diesel (diesel) is in third place, accounting for 5.4% of provincial imports.

Fifteen major products were imported during the January-December period, accounting for 69.7% of total imports, including customs in the province of Santa Fe and 39.4% in December.

Major products imported by Santa Fe Customs in 2021

Customs by Customs:

San Lorenzo: During the January-December 2021 period, the major imports were products of the vegetable kingdom, mainly made up of soybeans, except for sowing; Products of the following chemical or related industries, with a nitrogen content of> 45% mainly composed of urea. Next came mineral products, where the main product was gas oil (diesel).

Rosary bells: Imported machinery and equipment, electrical components and its components, audio and video recording or reproduction equipment, mainly parts of agricultural machinery other than lawn mowers. The second important are the common metals and the products of these metals, the main product of which is iron or steel billets.

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Villa Constitution: More or less than 8 mm in diameter, but less than or equal to 18 mm in diameter, assembled by the belladonnaing process, stand alone in the mineral section, and motorized motorcycles in the transport material section.

Santa Fe: Machinery and equipment, electrical goods and its components, audio and video recording or reproduction equipment are the most valuable import segment. It was followed by common metals and articles of these metals, mainly made of common metal fittings for furniture.

Raphael: The high-value import division is the main product of machinery and equipment, electrical and its components, equipment for recording or reproducing sound and images, refrigerators, freezers and other products, machinery and equipment for producing cold or heat. , Consisting of transport material, basically made up of parts and accessories for bicycles.

Who are we buying from?

According to the official Ipec report, The main source of provincial imports in 2021 is Paraguay. Products were imported at $ 2,485 million, indicating a 35.4% year-on-year increase. 41.6% of imports through customs in the province came from this country.

Brazil is in second place with 20.5% focus Items purchased abroad for that period. Imports from this country have increased by 70.5% year-on-year.

China is third with 8.5% of the total. Purchases from this country increased by 63.1% during the period under review, compared to the same period of 2020.

The first five places were completed with USA, It recorded an annual increase of 29.5%, and exports to Egypt, Santa Fe tariff increased by 150.7%. These are Five countries account for 80.4% of the province’s imports, including customs.

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Morocco, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Russia complete the top ten suppliers.