February 21, 2024

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Israel presents plan for post-war Gaza amid heavy bombing of Hamas

Israel presents plan for post-war Gaza amid heavy bombing of Hamas
Israel presented its plan for a post-war Gaza amid heavy bombing against Hamas. (REUTERS/Ibrahim Abu Mustafa)

He Defense Minister Israel outlined an initial plan for governance Gaza Strip When is the end? Conflict And said no Israel No Hamas Rule this Palestinian territory under intense bombardment this Friday.

Plan for thatnext day” war was presented Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav GallantOn that day Arrival in the Middle East of Head of American Diplomacy, Anthony Blinken.

eye blinking He was making his fourth trip to the region since the outbreak War between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Movement Hamas On October 7.

the future Small Palestinian Territory is at the heart of the concerns International communityIn an environment of increasing pressure A ceasefire It protects the public and alerts UN of one Humanitarian crisis It has displaced thousands of people and left them vulnerable to hunger and disease.

Hamas Do not rule Loop (and) Israel He will not rule the public Loop“, he pointed out GalataWhen presented to the press Post War Project.

“The The Kazans There are Palestinians. As a result, the (Administration) will be responsible on the condition that there is no hostile action or threat against Palestinian entities. The country of Israel” he added.

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Under the scheme, the Israeli War Continue in the area until confirmed Return of Hostages Captured by Hamas In the October 7 attacks “The Hamas military and administrative capabilities“, it controls Loop Since 2007.

The “birthday” plan for the war was presented by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galland ahead of US diplomatic chief Anthony Blinken's visit to the Middle East. (REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)

After that, according to the plan, A New status In this Palestinian Organizations undertakes the management of Territory.

Israel Promised to “destroy”. Hamas The group launched the bloody October 7 attacks, in which 1,140 people were killed PublicAccording to one account AFP Based on statistics Israelis.

attack Israeli A lot left Loop Reduced to rubble, it has caused at least 22,438 deaths Gaza Ministry of HealthControlled by Hamas.

Thursday night Israeli forces They intensified attacks In the south and Central Gaza And many witnesses report that they are serious fight.

He Israeli army More bombings were reported on Thursday Gaza CityA portion was destroyed Urban warfareAnd Attacks on Khan YunisThe largest city in the south Territory.

The Israeli army He mentioned that he had killed the militants Hamas Inside Khan Younis It attacked “terrorist infrastructure”.

The Population of Gaza His exodus continues to escape fight.

The Israeli military reported more bombings around Gaza City, an area devastated by urban fighting, and attacks on Khan Younis, the territory's largest city in the south. (Europe Press)

“We ran away from the camp Jabaliya to do the man (in Khan Yunis) Now we run from there the man to do Rafa” said a woman who wished to remain anonymous.

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“They were shooting at us. (we don't have) water or Electricity or food”.

eye blinking faces during his arrival Listening pin issue Israeli authorities To take “immediate steps” to increase Humanitarian aid for LoopHe advanced Foreign Office Spokesperson, Matthew Miller.

He UN High Commissioner for that Human rights, Volker Turk Expressed concern over recent reports Israeli ministers who called Palestinians give up Loopraises the fear of Mass exodus.

But the plan presented Galata However, points out that Israel reserves the right to act on Territory“There will be no Israeli civilian presence there Gaza Strip After achieving the objectives of the war.”

Constant fear from the start of a conflict Regional climbing Increased this week after death in missile attack Lebanon From number two Hamas, Saleh Al Aroori.

UN Human Rights Commissioner Volker Dürk expressed concern over recent statements by Israeli ministers calling for Palestinians to leave Gaza. (Europe Press)

Chairman Died in the South BeirutA castle HezbollahSupported movement Iran That is from the beginning Conflict Clashes with soldiers Israelis In Southern border of Lebanon.

Hezbollah It said on Thursday that its four fighters The death toll rose to 129 Low Since they started Border feud.

Galata He said on social media Israel Likes “a A political solution” for conflicts in borderBut that “time limit” is over.

The Regional tensions Then it got worse Blast attack 84 people died in this Iran Wednesday, in an event to commemorate the death four years ago General Qasim SulaimaniKilled in a drone attack America Inside Baghdad.

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Jihadi group Islamic State (EI) later claimed responsibility for the attack Iran pointed out at the beginning Israel And America Responsible.