April 17, 2024

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Israeli negotiators leave Doha, accusing Hamas of sabotaging diplomacy to secure ceasefire

Israeli negotiators leave Doha, accusing Hamas of sabotaging diplomacy to secure ceasefire
Israel insists it will not give in to Hamas' “outrageous demands” and will continue to operate in the Strip (REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)

Israel withdraws negotiations from Doha Mediated talks on a ceasefire in Gaza have “deadlocked” due to the demandHamasA senior Jewish government official said Tuesday.

An official close to the Mossad intelligence chief, who is leading the negotiations, blamed the Hamas leader in Gaza. Yahya Sinwar, Sabotaging diplomacy is “part of a broader effort to foment this war in Ramadan.”

With the mediation of Qatar and EgyptSuspended for six weeks in response to Israeli attack It proposed to release 40 of the 130 hostages The Palestinian Authority remains in Gaza.

Any deal with Hamas would mean an end to the conflict and the withdrawal of Israeli forces. The Jewish state has rejected this, saying it will resume efforts to eliminate Hamas' government and military capabilities.

The militant group also wants hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who fled south from Gaza City and surrounding areas during the first phase of the nearly six-month war to return to the north.

The parties have intensified talks, mediated by Qatar and Egypt, over a proposed six-week suspension of the Israeli offensive to free 40 of the 130 hostages (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins).

This was said by the officer Israel agreed to double the release of 700-800 Palestinian hostages. He allowed prisoners and some displaced Palestinians to return to northern Gaza.

Hamas has accused Israel of stalling negotiations while carrying out its military offensive.

As the conversations continue a Humanitarian crisis ravages Palestinians in Gaza With severe shortages in food, medicine and hospital care. Fears of famine are growing.

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Earlier on Tuesday, Israel sealed the deal Hamas demands “illusion”., It requires a A “comprehensive” cease-fire and withdrawal of Israeli troops from the enclaveTo close an agreement.

“Hamas' position clearly demonstrates that Not interested in continuing negotiations to reach an agreementAnd it is an unfortunate testament to the damage done by the Security Council's decision,” said a statement from the Prime Minister's Office.

The Israeli delegation, led by the head of the Mossad, David BurneaPut a new draft agreement on the table, Designed in partnership with the US – CIA Director, William BurnsHe was also in Doha.

“Hamas again rejected a proposal with US support and insisted on its most serious demands: an immediate end to the war, the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip and perpetuity in power to repeat the massacre. Again on October 7,” the Israeli government alleged.

Israel insisted that it would not surrender “Bad Claims” To achieve Hamas and all its war objectives it will act in series: “Release all abductees, destroy Hamas' governmental and military capabilities, and ensure that Gaza is no longer a threat to Israel”.

(With information from Reuters and EFE)