February 22, 2024

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Israel’s security forces have killed dozens of Hamas members in recent hours of fighting in Gaza

Israel’s security forces have killed dozens of Hamas members in recent hours of fighting in Gaza

Israel airlifted 7 tons of equipment for its troops

For the first time since the 2006 war, the Army airlifted logistics equipment for its troops.

The operation was carried out in southern Gaza to provide a brigade to operate in Khan Yunis. The images released show how the boxes reach their destination by parachute.

EU warns of “dark outlook” on southern Gaza

The EU’s high representative for foreign policy, Joseph Borrell, warned of a complicated panorama facing Israel’s continued bombardment in the south of the Strip, where thousands of evacuees live.

“The bombings continue with extraordinary intensity and we ask from forums like the G7 that Israel does not use the same tactics in the south as in the north of Gaza, but they are the same or worse,” said the head of European diplomacy. Attendance at Alliance Foreign Ministers’ Meeting.

“The prospects are really bleak,” he added, adding that the people of Gaza have been forced to flee to Egypt, and that there are no shelters or safe havens in the area.

Israel intercepts rockets fired from Lebanon

According to the Israeli military, Six projectiles They were intercepted by security forces after detecting several attacks from Lebanon in northern Israel.

In response, Israeli artillery bombarded the positions, he added.

The Hezbollah group and Palestinian militants in southern Lebanon have fired rockets, drones and anti-tank missiles, prompting Israel, which has deployed more than 200,000 troops along its northern border, to respond with heavy air and artillery strikes.

Israeli security forces have killed dozens of members of the Hamas terror group in clashes in Gaza over the past few hours.

The military identified a group of armed men leaving a clinic and found explosive devices and weapons inside a house in two towns in northern Gaza (REUTERS).

Israeli army He announced on Monday that he had been shot down Dozens of members of a terrorist group Hamas In Actions were taken On the last day in the northern regions Gaza Strip.

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The Israeli Air Force They are A A series of attacks Following the orders of troops on the ground after identificationHamas armed operatives Inside Shejaiya“, as pointed out Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is a statement.

forces of Bislamach Brigade And this War Intelligence Collection Unit 636 of Israeli Border Guard were in charge of identifying the alleged militants Direct attacksPerformed with the help of Drones.

On the other hand, the Israeli forces Identifies a group Armed men Found at the exit of a clinic in the aforementioned city Explosive devices and weapons Inside a house YabalyaFurther north Loop.

More than 100 Israeli soldiers have been killed in the war against Hamas terrorists since the offensive began in Gaza.

On Sunday, the defense forces confirmed that a total of 425 members had died and another 1,593 wounded since the start of the war against the armed group (EFE/Atef Safadi).

Israeli army This was confirmed on Monday morning Death of four soldiers when Fighting in the Gaza StripThis increases the death toll Ground attack 101 since its inception on October 27.

Thus, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) They published the names of the dead on their website Major General Gideon Ilani35 years old, Major General Ede Perry36 years old, Commander Aviator Cohen42 years old, and Commander Cal Becher34 years old.

On Sunday, the IDF Confirmed that Its members are 425 people They are dead and Another 1,593 people were injured From the start The War Against the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) On October 7. of 1,593 people were injured255 are critical, 446 are moderate and 892 are mild.

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Also, the Army 97 soldiers have died and that 559 people were injured From last October 27, its entry by land started Gaza Strip. Of the injured, 127 are in critical condition, 213 are in moderate condition, and 219 are in minor condition.

Israel steps up pressure on Gaza in response to Hamas threat over fate of hostages

The city of Khan Yunis, in the south of the territory, became the new scene of battles against the terrorist group. Clashes with Hezbollah members were also reported in Lebanon over the weekend.

Israel steps up pressure on Gaza in response to Hamas threats over fate of hostages (REUTERS/FILE)

Gaza Strip It was a sight Powerful air strikes Israelis And heavy fighting on Monday after threats from the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamaswho said that none of the hostages in the Palestinian territories would get out “alive”.requirements”.