July 20, 2024

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It kidnapped Israelis Hersh Goldberg-Bolin, a.k.a. Levi and Elia Cohen, on October 7.

It kidnapped Israelis Hersh Goldberg-Bolin, a.k.a. Levi and Elia Cohen, on October 7.

The Forum for Relatives of Hostages and Missing Persons released a video of the abduction of Hersh Goldberg-Bolin, aka Levi and Elia Cohen, this Monday at the request of their families. Haaretz.

All three were abducted Gaza Strip After escaping from the air raid shelter Nova Music Festival Inside Reim October 7 morning.

The 1 minute 37 second video has been edited for publication. It shows the attack on the bomb shelter and the way the youths are taken away in the van. Hamashe said Hostage and Disappeared Relatives Forum.

“An extreme example of a difficult video being abandoned for 262 days. Hersh, Elijah And Or They were kidnapped alive, and today they must return. “It is clear to all that the return of the 120 abductees is only possible through an agreement,” the families added.

Hersh Goldberg-Bolin23 years old with dual Israeli-US citizenship, Noah attended the ceremony with his friend Aner ShapiraMurdered. Both disappeared It was later known “Death Asylum”Which one Hersh It was hijacked. From entrance to shelter, Aner He grabbed 7 grenades from the terrorists and was finally killed by the eighth grenade that exploded. Hersh suffered a hand injury during the attack.

In the published video Hamas In April, Goldberg-Pollin He appeared with a severed arm.

or Levi, 33 years old, arrived Noah festival with his wife Enow At 6:20 am. They both left their son with his grandparents Rishon Letzian. During the attack, Or Before losing contact with his wife at 7:33 a.m., he informed his mother that he was hiding in a roadside bomb shelter. EnowAccommodation and Or was taken away Loop. tomorrow, Almokson Enow And OrHe will celebrate his third birthday without his murdered mother and his captive father Hamas for 262 days.

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Elijah Cohen27 years old, Tzur HadassahAlmost JerusalemHe came to the festival with his girlfriend Jive Abud, his nephew and his nephew’s girlfriend. As the attack began, the four fled for shelter. Our son-in-law Jiv And his girlfriend. Elijah kidnapped and Jiv She survived by burying herself under the bodies.

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