July 19, 2024

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The ninth of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s new Mokami-class stealth warships has been launched.

The ninth of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force’s new Mokami-class stealth warships has been launched.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has launched the ninth Mogami-class stealth warship at its shipyards located in Nagasaki, according to a recent release on social media by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. Taken from a river in Miyagi Prefecture, J.S. The new ship will carry the name Natori. Thus the custom of selecting the names of each of the warships from different rivers of the country will continue.

The unveiling ceremony took place yesterday, June 24, and represented a new step towards the completion of the first batch of twelve vessels intended for the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. In the near future, the ninth Mokami-class ship awaits, which must undergo installation work on the systems that can equip it, while final tests must be carried out before entering service, which is planned for 2025.

It should be noted that the first vessel of this series, JS Mogami, was launched by MHI in 2021. The most recent entry into active service of one of these warships was JS Akano’s Ceremony. Five days before the publication of this note. As such, a total of six units of the new Mogami-class stealth warships for the Japanese Navy have already entered service. In short, JS Mikuma and JS Yashagi should be taken into account, which are part of the fleet from 2023.

Examining some of the technical features, it can be noted that each ship of the class displaces about 5,500 tons with a beam of 132.5 meters and a beam of 16.3 meters. Its design, at a unit cost of close to $322 million, stands out for its stealth qualities and the reduced number of crew required to operate it (only 90 sailors are required). As for its propulsion system, Mokami has a combined diesel and gas system, reflected in two MAN 12V28/33D STC engines and a Rolls-Royce MT30 gas turbine respectively, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 30 knots.

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In terms of their armament, the new ships equipping the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force have a wide array of capabilities, from a 127mm main gun manufactured by BAE Systems to 16 Mk.41 VLS missile cells. This should include a 12.7 caliber remote-controlled weapon system from Japan Steel Works, a Searam launcher from Raytheon, anti-ship mines and MHI Type 17 (SSM-2) anti-ship missiles. It has gained the ability to participate in important tenders for the acquisition of ships carried out by the Royal Australian Navy, which is currently being developed, and in 2021, a similar example can be seen in the case of Indonesia.

*Image credit: Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

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