May 23, 2024

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“It’s not a good sign”: His face is disfigured and he thought it was a bug bite, but he was wrong

“It’s not a good sign”: His face is disfigured and he thought it was a bug bite, but he was wrong

Alejandro had a great fear. One day, he woke up with a swollen lip, which doctors attributed to an insect bite. But, After several days the pain worsened and something was found in the gum. Upon revisiting the specialists, he received an unexpected diagnosis.

A young Spaniard from Andalusia woke up one day in November 2021 with a swollen lip. Alarmed that the swelling was spreading to the cheek, he rushed to the medical center. There, experts warned him that it might be an insect bite that caused an allergic reaction, so he returned home a little calmer.

A young Spaniard wakes up with a swollen face and receives an unexpected diagnosis.

But that same night, the discomfort increased and one side of the face was completely swollen. “I couldn’t open my eyes, it hurt so much”pointed out She narrated her experience in a TikTok video And crossed one million views in a single day.

He was immediately returned to the hospital and given medication to reduce the swelling in his face. However, after a few hours, he was back to where he was before and was in a lot of pain. “My whole face was disfigured and pus started coming out of my gums. This is not a good sign,” he said.warned in the release.

Fortunately, everything was in a panic. A month later, he got an appointment with a dentist He was diagnosed with a cyst and had to have it surgically removed to avoid further risks. Alejandro felt better after a few days, despite exhibiting some lip swelling due to the intervention.

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Social media users are happy that the young man is safe at the end of the story. Also, some people reported similar experiences. “The same thing happened to me. I went for major surgery. The infection ate away at the turbine of my nose and destroyed my teeth“, wrote one. “I had a cyst on the same tooth, they operated on me, but I lost it. The infection was severe and he could not open his eye,” said another.

Something similar – albeit more extreme – happened Courtney Nettleton, a 20-year-old UK citizen, received a devastating diagnosis. The first symptoms appeared when he noticed he was “very tired” and went to the doctor. “I used to sleep up to 14 hours a day, but they told me it was teenage fussiness”He said on his TikTok account.

The 20-year-old felt tired and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

The fatigue didn’t go away, and she suddenly noticed a lump in her neck, as well as hot flashes, mood swings and shortness of breath. For this reason, he requested an urgent appointment with a specialist. The doctor did an ultrasound and a biopsy, and two weeks later, they confirmed the frightening diagnosis: Had thyroid cancer. Now he uses social networking to communicate his illness process.

Today the young woman undergoes two types of treatment to overcome it and is dedicated to creating awareness among people and professionals about the importance of early detection.