June 25, 2024

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Jake Sullivan, Biden’s security adviser, “recognized President Miley’s continued efforts to stabilize the economy.”

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s security adviser, “recognized President Miley’s continued efforts to stabilize the economy.”
When Javier Mili and Jake Sullivan met at the White House

(From Washington, USA) Jack SullivanJoe Biden’s top adviser released an official statement Strong political support for the adjustment programAfter his meeting with the Chief of Staff at the White House yesterday, Nicholas Bosse and principal Diana Mondino.

“National Security Adviser The president recognized Mili’s continued efforts to stabilize Argentina’s economy “The United States and Argentina reviewed areas where they could strengthen their economic cooperation, including mobilizing private sector investment in Argentina’s technology and clean energy sectors,” a statement released moments ago by the Democratic administration said.

Likewise, Sullivan noted Two foreign policy issues linked to Argentina’s own international agenda. War in the Middle East And Institutional situation in Venezuela.

Hamas Eight Argentine nationals are being held hostage in Gaza, while the national embassy in Caracas is harboring six opponents of the Argentine regime. Nicolás Maduro.

“Additionally, ways to strengthen cooperation to address critical regional and global challenges were discussed, including continuing efforts to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza and ensure a ceasefire. Hostage Agreement It will bring home hostages, including those from the United States and Argentina. National Security Adviser Sullivan thanked Argentina for speaking out Democracy in Venezuela And Condemnation of Russia’s war against Ukraine“, referring to the statement regarding matters discussed by Biden’s national counsel with Bosse and Mondino.

Diana Mondino and Nicholas Bosse in Washington, D.C., after meeting with Sullivan at the White House

The White House statement did not make it clear, but Sullivan spoke with Bose and Mondino China’s Strategic Offensive in Latin America

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“The National Security Adviser also congratulated Argentina Denmark’s latest F-16 purchase New opportunities for further deepening were discussed Our safety and security partnership”, added President Biden’s adviser to the chief of staff and the official account of the meeting with the president.

During the reign of Alberto Fernandez, Beijing offered fighter jets in easy installments For the Air Force, in addition to expressing his interest Set up a deep water port in the south Manage the waterway and participate in tenders related to communication.

When Milei Balcars arrived at 50, she blocked all these efforts and announced that her strategic ally was the United States. Sullivan praised the decision He expressed it diplomatically in his own statement. “Ways to strengthen cooperation to address critical regional and global challenges were discussed,” the White House said in a circular detailing the plans. Xi Jinping To deepen its regional offensive.

The information provided by the Biden administration did not address the underlying issue raised by Mondino during the conference with Sullivan. The President told reporters yesterday that they spoke A surcharge imposed on Argentina by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Diana Mondino refers to the IMF’s additional charges against Argentina after visiting the Cato Institute.

“We mentioned the issue of flight attendants, Where Argentina pays the highest interest rate, We are not the only country in the world, many countries in the world are paying it,” Mondino said as he described his meeting with Sullivan to reporters. At the White House.

“What did Sullivan answer?” Infobay.

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– He is no longer involved, But they realize that this is a very serious issue -, The principal replied.

The White House did not comment on the meeting Analyzed A possibility Meeting between Milei and Biden, During the G7 summit in Italy. Finally, there is a high probability of being there. They know each other President of Argentina and President of the United States.