June 25, 2024

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As Israel advances in northern Gaza, the first humanitarian aid ship arrives through a US-built dock.

As Israel advances in northern Gaza, the first humanitarian aid ship arrives through a US-built dock.
As Israel advances in northern Gaza, US confirms arrival of first shipment of humanitarian aid from new dock (X: @idfonline).

He Army Israel Move forward Gaza StripMainly on two fronts: one SouthIn the city RafaAnd one more North, at various points. There, precisely inside JabaliyaThey get rid of “maybe Fierce battles” Since the start of the war last October, the refugees have reached the camp during aerial maneuvers and artillery fire.

Similarly, troops operated in the district Zaytun A week, I do “Precision Tests” It allowed the elimination of “more than 90 terrorists”.

However, not all news is bad for the region. After weeks of waiting, the US confirmed earlier in the day that a floating dock built off the coast is now operational and in the past few hours, the first humanitarian aid ship has already arrived in the enclave. Nearly 500 tonnes of these staples are expected to enter this route in the coming days, though this will not replace land supply, experts warned.

The United States confirmed the arrival of the first shipment of humanitarian aid through the new dock (AP).

Meanwhile, in southern Gaza, Israel is determined to intensify its maneuvers, which have so far been limited, and eliminate Hamas battalions that are still active.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that “more troops are entering” Rafah and “(military) operations will intensify” despite calls from the international community to halt its operations. Humanitarian crisis It could create nearly two million refugees.

Launching a large-scale offensive “will be Disastrous consequences among citizens,” the governments of thirteen countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and Japan, warned again this Friday. “We urge the government of Israel to allow humanitarian aid to enter the Gaza Strip through all relevant border points, including Rafah,” they added, referring to the main crossing, which has been out of use since May 7.

Israel continues to advance in Rafah, trying to eliminate Hamas battalions still active there (REUTERS)

The World Health Organization (WHO) joined the call and said that packages containing medical products have not been available for ten days. “We have managed to distribute some supplies, but many are still missing, especially fuel needed to keep hospitals running,” an agency spokesman said.

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However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet continues to deny allegations against him over the worsening situation in the region. The second day of the trial was held on Friday International Court of JusticeTel Aviv faces a complaint South Africa A “Genocide” campaign In Rafah.

“People are scared and trying to flee to the north and the coast”, “It’s very difficult because there is no safe route from Rafah and certainly no safe place in Gaza,” said the spokesperson of the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Jens Laerke.

Assured that complaints against Israel do not match reality (REUTERS)

Israeli diplomats responded to the allegations They are “totally disconnected” from reality. Before entering, on May 6, The army ordered a civilian evacuation and “600,000 people left the combat zone”.. Thus, a “catastrophe” was averted and continues to be averted, as Palestinians continue to leave the area.

(With information from AFP)